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    What would you like to see for shamans in the future?

    Personally I would like to see small stuff like:
    Sword usage (So I can equip Thunderfury :P but also so enhancement shamans have a wider range of weapons to use). There are som shamans in the lore who use swords so I don't see why not.
    More races. I would like to see Blood elfs and maybe Night elfs for Alliance. I know it doesn't really make sense but I really want to change my orc to a BE. Best race IMO (after trolls).

    If they were to implent a fourth spec my suggestions are:
    Earthwarden: Use the power of the earth to imbue your armor and weapons. (Tank)
    Elemental binder: Calls forth powerful elemental allies to aid you in combat. (Kinda like a beastmaster hunter but with melee attacks and lots of pets)
    (no name yet): A elemental master of bows/guns. You bind your arrows with the elements and blast your foes.

    What's your suggestions?

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    my post from the old "enh shaman wish list" thread:
    1. Daggers changed to swords for enhancement.
    2. Being able to stack maelstrom procs above 5.
    3. Changes to the fire nova mechanics. Unlink it from lava lash. Have fire nova apply a dot on the target if no dot is on the target.
    4. Searing Flames proccing from melee attacks/strikes
    5. Hex becoming instant for enhance
    6. Elemental Brackets from Totems removed (earth/fire/water/wind totem concept scrapped)
    7. Elemental Pets unlinked from totems
    8. Searing and Magma Totem becoming 1 minute cooldowns with 15 second duration and quadrupled damage
    9. Buff to SBT's absorb, as well as it becoming non-spealstealable and stacking
    10. Totems getting more individual treatment (Grounding and Earthbind becoming unattackable for example, damage totems, SBT and CPT (ST/MT) having increased health, some totems usable while silencend (grounding, tremor...) etc.)
    11. CPT down to 3 sec charge up, glyph lowers to 1 second
    12. Imbue swapping is off the global cooldown
    13. Rockbiter removed, dmg absorb backed into other survivability talents as buffs (unless there'll be warden)
    14. A gap closer. Either our Feral Spirit's leap, causing us and (if active at the moment) our wolves to leap at the target. OR reduce Spiritwalk to 15second cd or so, reducing sprint to 5 seconds, providing 3 second freedom from movement impairing effects
    15. An actual "O shit!"-button that works like a battle reset against teams which would othewhise just pop all their cooldowns and drain you from beginning to end. A bubble/ice ice block/deterrence like ability would be an option, but:
    I actually think that this could be provided by OP's idea of windwalk (as a new, seperate ability maybe, minus the crit thing, or make it a guaranteed spell crit instead). The drained shaman would "vanish" for a few seks, healing himself back up and reengage. Would be a nice way to get out of trouble, more so than an engage ability. Also it would fit shamans nicely, with the spirit theme and everything
    16. A seperrate cooldown for frostshock, with the damage removed
    17. The dmg bonus to LL from FT is backed into the ability baseline. Searing Flames will either provide no longer any damage to FT, or will also do so for FB. The magical damage bonus from FT will now also be provided by FB.
    18. UE:FB, instead of applying a 70% snare when target is already snared, will apply a 3 second stun.
    19. Some sort of recource. It doesn't have to be energy, focus, rage or runic power or something like that. Something along the lines of rets and moonkins would be nice...maybe enhance msw's influence on the enh game play, interweave it with searing power even, to make a fire and a lightning phase, similar to druids' sun/moon phases? Would be nice to have something along those lines, affected by haste.
    20. A finisher ability for pvp, also allowing for catching up on low hp phases in boss fights
    Primal Strike: Avaiable on targets at 25% health or lower on a 8(?)second cooldown, dealing 700% mainhand weapon damage (random number). Also avaiable when one of your melee hits is blocked, dodged, or parried. Cant be blocked then, but deals only half damage and has a 12 second cooldown then.
    Fang of Neltharion: Pierce your target with a sharp, solid spike of rock, dealing 700% weapon damage. 30y range. Only used on targets with 25% health or lower. Cooldown 8 seconds.
    random hp/cooldown/range/damage numbers
    21. More frost. There's far to less of it.

    ...would be my continuation of the list

    p.s.: and weilding swords alone would be not enough in case of thunderfury, unless you allowed legendary transmogging
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    5.4 Resto is great, but pls give the shaman sustained dps. a target switch or movement destroy the dps so hard.
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    Give spirit Walk to Elemental, Not having a Decent speed boost Hurts on some fights.

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    Earthquake actually being practicall to use and usefull.

    Rockbitter and Frostbrand given a purpose in PVE/PVP.

    Fcking fix Enh AE with low HP mobs and spreading issues, be it redesign, cooldown resets, double charges on abiltiies IDC i'm tired of being beaten to death in low level instances when I mass pull everything and even in current content sometimes.

    Elemental's Mastery being redesigned into something that doesn't make over half your damage being RNG based.

    Elemental Blast same thing as EQ in terms of being practicall.

    Spirit Walk and Spiritwalker's Grace merged into a 1m ability CD (I know its off the GCD but seriously).

    Lower wolves damage and buff the tooltip to higher values of damage converted to healing (250-300% damage dealt as healing).

    Merge 5.4 and 5.3 versions of Conductivity together. Make Purification increase HTT only and buff Healing Stream so it creates more impact for the DPS specs. If no Rushing Streams stays, take Healing Stream off the GCD.

    Redesign Totem tier as a whole (that Ghost Wolf tier idea I read the other day here was nice) or at the very least Totemic Projection baseline, Call of Elements 1m30s CD and create something else there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Omanley View Post
    1. Daggers changed to swords for enhancement.
    Would be awesome for itemization and asthectic purposes.
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    Lower wolves damage and buff the tooltip to higher values of damage converted to healing (250-300% damage dealt as healing).

    why lower damage? they deal nothing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kesko View Post
    5.4 Resto is great, but pls give the shaman sustained dps. a target switch or movement destroy the dps so hard.
    Yeah, being 20-30% behind the top healing spec in every fight is really great.

    I, for one, would like to see ES buffed so that a shitty, yet mandatory, part of our healing actually counts for something. 12k per tick every couple of seconds is pathetic.

    CH could still benefit from a range increase for 10M.

    Resto mastery needs a complete overhaul, it's broken in PvP and worthless in PvE with current gear and healing style.

    MTT needs to scale off individual spirit, and not just the shaman's, as this forces us to stack spirit and be mana batteries for the raid.

    SLT needs to provide a higher % damage reduction, say, 30%, to be an actual meaningful cooldown, instead of one that saves the tank for half a second.

    All I could think of off the top of my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kesko View Post
    why lower damage? they deal nothing
    Because they do low damage for a 2M CD and not that insane healing for the same reason. I look at it as a flavour ability that has to be used on CD cus min/max.

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    I would like Far Sight to see into the future, so we wouldn't need this sort of thread. We wouldn't have to question if we're going to get benched. We could laugh at hunters an entire patch before they get useless.

    I was going to pull up a recognizable portion of the "I have a dream" speech and use it as a cookie cutter, but that was a lot of work, so this is all you get.

    I hate the way the totems are set up now. Tying Elementals to a totem sucks in PvP. Losing your elemental early is almost worse than having your wings stolen as a Paladin used to be.
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    @Zues, the resto was very bad on 5.3 (pve) but you already played him on ptr? its so funny so strong. resto shaman will be one of the best healers next patch
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    Ghost Eagle, a shameless copy of druid flight form, with and ghost eagle model akin to the ghost wolf
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    I think the only thing I really really want for Enhancement is the often mentioned removal of the 5-cap for Maelstrom stacks.
    The rotation would feel much better if it could stack up to, say 7, yet max bonus stops at 5. This way you wouldn't be constantly wasting 1-2 Maelstrom stacks (especially with the t15 set bonus, for example), it really irks me.

    Other than that I think Enhancement is pretty fine, they can maybe tweak the AOE mechanic a bit more, still feels pretty clunky.
    I'd prefer to have AOE be a combination of effects and not rely so much on cleaved FN. For example, make Lava Lash a 3 target cleave by default, make FN based off your current target regardless of FS, but reduce it's overall damage a bit to make up for the faster uptime and the added Lava Lash damage.

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    I would like to see a nice tier dress, not one covered in bones, teeth and feathers

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    i'd like to see pet for elemental shaman instead of totem. titem used only as big CD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenora View Post
    I would like to see a nice tier dress, not one covered in bones, teeth and feathers
    I think you may want a Paladin then

    For Resto I'd like the ability to customise via talents and glyphs whether I want to focus on AoE/stacked healing or single target healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluenos View Post
    i'd like to see pet for elemental shaman instead of totem. titem used only as big CD
    this also with a resto version. no point in making it a cd if its being used ON CD.

    furthermore a new resto shaman mastery

    maybe something like: every heal cast by another healer decreases your healing by X% for 20s, this effect stacks.
    sarcasm aside. I would like to see something simple like our ascendance. It would be cool if they made healing rain an air totem with a 40 yard radius and your mastery made your spells increase the healing recieved by healing rain totem by X%.

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    Consistent pve dps as enh. 5.3 was such a nice thing, and soon it's gone.

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    I'd love for enhancement shamans to be viable dps.

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    A tank spec so i can finally make my shaman my main after all these years. Consistent dps and a decent ENH cleave ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GloriousBastard View Post
    I'd love for enhancement shamans to be viable dps.
    Our enhance shamy was doing a solid 200k on non gimmicky fights. Seems good enough

    I would love more ice; a strong long cooldown ice spell or ele and a solid Ice armor set.

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