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    Need some advice from experienced players.

    I wanted to ask a few things to experienced dps'ers, though any help or insight is appreciated.

    So basically, I'm maining an elemental shaman currently, and I was doing pretty decent in the last 2 months of ToT with it. However, as you may know, ele shammies are seem to be the bottom of dps this patch, aside from destro locks and sub rogues. Both raidbot data and player experiences indicate that. I enjoy my shaman, and I will hold on to it; but I like to see numbers as well.
    So I'm thinking of going back to my DK for raiding, as they seem to be performing pretty good, however;

    - My shammy is just one rune away from getting the legendary cloak; and my DK is still on the sigils. The whole catch up thing frightens me; as it was the most boring grindfest I have ever done.
    I don't know if it would be worth it to grind them again, or if I would even need the legendary questline for normal raiding, what is your opinion on this?

    - As I only raid normal and flex difficulty, it occurred to me that the low performance of elemental might not be relevant for these difficulties, as the dps requirement will be met anyway as I gear up. Do you agree or disagree?

    Thank you.

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    Just my thoughts on the thing. With the elemental shammy, they got some of the best burst in the game and never under estimate chain lightning. They won't be the best on every fight but Siege has a lot of cleave fights or at least fights with add phases, it may be wise to join a guild without a hunter, that way you can get mail agil gear and try out enhance (which I heard got buffed) if you're interested.

    As for the DK, honestly I'd say just play on both toons and at least do flex, chances are you'll get gear on one of them sooner rather than later. At least with the shammy you have the option of healing too if you want, and unless you're interested in tanking (the question will pop up) I'd stick with him. Beyond that, many 10 man raid groups would welcome a shammy just because they are the only ones that can roll on the mail caster gear. If you have fun with the shammy, go that I say.

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    You mentioned you only raid normal and flex, so I assume you have a steady raid group. Where does your DPS fall in with that group? Do you feel that DPS checks are being failed solely due to you?

    If you enjoy playing the shaman, play it. Odds are Bliz will fix the DPS if it's truly out of whack. I'd rather play a destro lock (my main) that is bottom of the DPS barrel than switch to an arcane mage (or whatever is at the top, I've not looked at WoL in a long time).

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    1 - Do you Gem / Enchant your gear properly
    2 - Do you make proper use of your CD's ?
    3 - Do you do reasonable DPS ? by which I mean your not being carried.

    if so then stay with your shaman if you enjoy it, unless your guild asks you to reroll to another class (another discussion all together) then I see no reason why you should not stay playing the class you enjoy. There will always be a class that tops the charts. as you have stated, in LFR / Normal / Flex. DPS is DPS. it is only the bleeding edge heroic raid groups that will be looking to min-max via different classes. at the level you stated you play, DPS is DPS.

    Without thinking about DPS meters, Do you enjoy your shaman enough to want to raid with it as your main ? if it is then do it. if its not then switch to a main you enjoy. When you get to the stage where being top of the meters is all your thinking about, then its time to take a break from the game.
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    My advice is to always play what you like. No more complicated than that.
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    I would say stick with your Sham for sure, they are a blast. Is it the "numbers" that made the Sham fun for you? Or was it the class? Sometimes we can get caught up in that dilema.
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    it'S not really a question of whether or not shamans in general sim low this expac
    it's a question of whether or not when YOU raid YOU are doing damage comenserate to the requirements of the encounter and the composition of your raid.

    when you raid with you raid team, are you at the bottom of the meters? Is your raid group no longer progressing? If both answers are 'No' then there is no problem.

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    Else's are fine. Sure single target they don't top the meters bu on aoe fights they excel. SoO has a lot of aoe fights. Plus you give spell haste! And raid cds

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    I would go back to my shammy in a heartbeat, if they could tank, but for me playng a class that has all 3 roles down helps alot. Anyways play what you like and read up on other forums i.e. icy veins, elitist jerks, max dps, tc. to what others are doing and saying and then test that out for yourself. So maybe your not top dps but as others have stated you help the raid overall with other benefits.

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    The cloak is huge for dps. It's not necessary for normal modes by any stretch of the imagination, but it's very likely that having a cloak on your shaman and not on your Death Knight will likely make up the difference in maximum theoretical output. Honestly, I wouldn't swap just because shamans are simming low.

    What matters is your performance relative to the content you are doing and the rest of your raid. Are you keeping up with the other dps? Is your raid struggling to meet enrage timers through fault of you not bringing enough DPS, and do you really think that swapping to a different class, possibly less or undergeared, is going to net enough of a dps increase to balance out gera differences and your lack of comfort on a new character that it will show an improvement and make more of a difference in meeting that enrage timer than just working on increasing your skill and output on the character you are currently playing? Are you losing utility or buffs for your raid group by swapping?

    Personally, I don't feel like it's ever worth swapping characters, especially as a DPS, for normal mode raiding.

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    Decided to stick with my shaman, thank you all for your advice.

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