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  • Yes, I'll miss the Vale. I'll be sad to see it change. (Try to explain why in the comments!)

    65 39.16%
  • I don't mind the Vale changing/I WANT it to change! (Again, explain in the comments!)

    37 22.29%
  • I don't care. Bring on 5.4, already!

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    Will you miss the Vale's current state?

    Hey guys!

    The title says it all. I've spent many hours grinding and messing around in the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms, and I've grown to love it's beauty. Blizzard did very well in making it an incredibly beautiful zone. The purpose of this thread is to see what you guys feel about it. Will you miss the Vale's scenery? Are you glad the place you wasted hours grinding dailies will disappear forever? Do you not care? This is just a fun little idea with SoO on our doorstep, where Garrosh will taint most of the area forever.

    So how do you feel about the Vale of Eternal Blossoms?
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    Blizz did a great thing here, and i hope a lot of people will agree with me. They gave us this beautiful zone, and they put our home capitals in it. It's the first thing we see when we log in and the last thing we see when we log out. We've had the vale for almost a year. Then, they destroy it. It's a profound emotional reaction, the first time you see it. It's intended, and it's genius. It really makes you want to destroy the thing that defiled it.

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    I dont care much. Im rarely in the zone and all my toons sit in valley for my farms.

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    Even though I actually don't give a fuck about the vale, this guy is correct. The first time I logged on to the PTR with 5.4 on it and saw it, I was pretty taken aback and my first thought was "wtf happened?!"

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    It took me a while to even notice the changes in the Vale after 5.3, so no I wont miss it.
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    I've never been a fan of the Vale. Jade Forest is by far my favorite zone in MoP.

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    I don't mind hte vale being changed, but I will be sad if it does. Your option is not available to me.

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    I think that the "growing" world that they've worked towards in Mists is incredible-- the Vale changes will make me sad, because it is being destroyed, and many of the Golden Lotus characters I grew attached to will die. I am, however, very happy that they're letting the events of the game and the expansion shape and change the world around us.

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    I'll miss the beauty, yes.

    The music, notsomuch. Worst in the game.
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    No. Time to move on.

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    I pretty much echo everything Daetur said but I'd like to note that the Vale had an illusion of being peaceful when you were at your shrine and now even that is hard to maintain with all the Sha corruption in clear sight.

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    I kinda like the statues, so : <
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    Being that I was in the beta, and I snuck in there a few times before it was opened, I really grew attached to this zone. Each part of Pandaria has it's own feel, and I loved how the Vale felt as you went through it. Seeing Alani flying over, seeing the huge palace the mogu built, it was epic. The zone itself is also really beautiful, and it has some amazing scenery. With how Blizz said Pandaria won't look the same as you went in it by the end of Mists, I kind of knew it would be Vale that would take the hit. There was just too much happening there for it not to be decimated (Wrathion's agents tipped us off).

    I will always remember the Vale for the beautiful zone it was, and with how Garrosh ruined it that gives me just one more reason to take him out. Blizz did an amazing job with the cinematic to make it so anyone whom might still be on the edge of "no we don't have to kill him" really had a reason to want to take him out. While this isn't what tipped me over, it certainly doesn't hurt that he did this to such an amazing zone. I'm going to be sad to see it change, but also I am glad that it also becomes part of the satisfaction and goal of killing Garrosh (and heroic Garrosh) this tier. If this isn't a reason to kill the end boss while it's current, I don't know what is. I would honestly be upset if I am not able to, so my drive into SoO will be fueled by this zone as well as my hate for what Garrosh turned into.

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    I went through it yesterday on foot just to remember how it all looked.

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    I voted yes.
    I haven't really paid attention to the lore around it other than Garrosh doing stuff with the waters and .. spoilers. .. Yeah. But I'm always slightly put off by changes to still-current content, seeing as the experience I had when I first leveled to 90 and explored the zone will now be significantly different to any new player who levels from 85 to 90, because the zone is now different.
    I am not against changes and fresh designs... and I can see why it had to be this way... but I would still feel cheated if it was me leveling up.

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    i like how it changes too reflect the progress of the storyline, wish it happend more in other zones also.

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    Kind of. I remember first going into there and thinking, "Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous." Everything about it was just so beautiful and well-crafted. Still, things change and I'll be fine to let go of it.

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    WIll the moths go away? I was having fun crittermorphing them into flying pigs.
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    It's a good story-telling device to bring on feelings of anger towards Garrosh's character, and consequently further motivation for the player to take him down in SoO.
    So from a meta perspective, I'm all for it.

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    I was going to make a long pathetic post about the loss of the Vale's current setup. But then this happened:

    Now I'm ok with it.

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