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    Very confused about 5.4 and choice in trinkets, any help/suggestions would be great!!

    Hello fellow warlocks, ive come here alot over the past few years, and 5.4 is bringing me back to ask questions and seek advice from you pro locks ...

    So... Currently i am demo.. and running the UVLS normal 2/2 with RF version Hydra 2/2... no luck so far on normal/TF..

    I plan on switching to Aff for 5.4 since UVLS is getting the nerf bat, i have wush RF, Cha ye's RF (cant see that being at all good for aff) and the volatile valor trinket.. i was just wondering.. what would you use for aff in 5.4? im leaning towards wush/breath RF and will upgrade wush to 2/2.. but.. would volatile be better with breath? or maybe better with wush?

    Any suggestions would be amazing, thanks in response !


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    well personally, i would use the UVLS and valor trinket due to them being much higher ilvl than the others and the fact that afaik the RF versions of hydra and wush gets their rppm reduced due to the budget difference but it really depends on how high the rrpm is on RF wush and breath, if it is around 0,9-1 rppm id prolly use wush and breath instead.

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    Is prefer boh over the valor trinket, I assume your going for the 9800 haste break point. To me the haste makes it worth it. I'm using normal hydra and TF wooshoo for affliction.

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    I would also suggest running hydra and the wushoolay's trinket. I am running with a normal Hydra and a rf wushoolay both 2/2 for affliction

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    Thanks all for the responses yeah im going to bin normal UVLS 2/2 and run with the RF hydra & RF wush both 2/2 and see how it goes

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    I highly recommend using your Hydra and and your Wush until you get either raid finder SoO trinkets or if you manage to get your hands on norm SoO trinkets. Aim for Kardis' Toxic Totem (off of Dark Shaman [7th boss]) and Black Blood of Y'sharj (off of Garrosh [last boss]). The other trinkets are either very unfavorable for affliction (valor trinket is just a huge amount of crit [yuck], there's other crit trinkets that are gross as well) or they just don't perform well enough compared to the two listed above (Bindings off of first boss are simply not strong enough until BiS while the cleave trinket is not favorable to affliction at all).

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