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    Where/How do you inform yourself about SoO(normal) tactics?

    Hello everyone,
    i would like to ask how and where you guys out there get yourself informed/ready for the new raid tactics.

    Do you simply go through the dungeon journal and do it on your own?
    Or do you use sites like icy-veins with explanatory videos and some ideas concerning tactics?

    I would like to read how you do it and especially where you do it if you have websites you can recommend

    Thank you in advance <3

    ps: of course one big thing to get tactics ready for the patch would have been ptr testing, but i guess im a little late for that :P

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    icy veins has guides atm, i just read them and then adjust if something fails/i find a better way

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    Not in order, but generally, just like many other guilds, before a patch I / my guild usually:

    - Check out PTR Dungeon Journal
    - Do guild run PTR, both normal, heroic, flex and PTR, as much as I / we can afford.
    - Check vids from all possible sources (streams / youtube)
    - Ask my friends in other guilds who are also doing PTR for as much information as possible
    - Check the feedbacks on PTR forums.
    - Check the explanatory videos / guides to see if I missed or misunderstood anything
    - Check various forums when live comes (classes forums, official and unofficial forums, etc.) to see if I miss anything again, especially if there is anything people are QQ'ing about (= part we may need to pay more attention to).

    There are some more detailed stuffs for each fight, but probably not very necessary.

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    Normally I'll do icy veins and several youtube sources.

    Though the normal fights this tier look really simple so pretty much just the icy veins description seems to be enough, for normals anyway.

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    I watch Youtube videos for the most part, and the newer the better due to encounter tweaks' to damage of things etc.

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    Icy-Veins mostly, video and text format

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    Combination of Icy Veins, Youtube and some Twitch streams.
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    I've just had to write up guides for my guild, most of the information was easy to get using a mix of youtube and icyveins. Evrelia is pumping out some fantastic guides if you check his youtube channel out.

    Only encounter that I struggled to find information on was the klaxxi paragons, everything else was easy enough to find enough info to write a guide with.

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    Icy-Veins is a good place to start. Dungeon Journal is good for in-game.

    I'm lucky enough to have a raid leader who is not only tolerant of my frequent absences (due to real life things) but is also simply the best in-the-moment caller of tactics and superb at directing traffic on the fly during a fight I've ever had the pleasure to raid with. Seriously, he knows the raids cold and is like a DBM with personal recommendations for where you should be and what you should have ready to go in critical moments. We're lucky to have him since we're a family and friends guild.
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    Icy veins and ingame journal all the way.

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    Icy veins is a good place to start but I find they generally have outdated information since the fights change so drastically from the first implementation. Dungeon journal usually gives enough info.

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    Dungeon Journal and pulling the boss.
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    i dont check guides
    i generally check abilities and drow my own conclusions from them then i follow what the raid leader want me to do

    work best if everyone in the raid know all boss abilities
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    Read dungeon journal for 5 min to get a glance of the boss, proceed to pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimand View Post
    i dont check guides
    i generally check abilities and drow my own conclusions from them then i follow what the raid leader want me to do

    work best if everyone in the raid know all boss abilities
    Ya the more people know the better.When to pop a dps cd/heals cd and when not to,when there is going to be a lot of movement or abilities that buff your dmg.

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    I'm going in blind. Makes it more fun because I literally have no idea what any of the bosses are, except a few and certainly have no clue on any mechanics. lol. Besides, people in my guild always explain a new fight no matter what anyways and usually fights are pretty basic. Don't stand in stuff etc.

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    You're welcome:

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    read dungeon journal

    watch ptr testing videos so you have better understanding of HOW those mechanics work

    then it comes down to some critical thinking (can i stun this?? can i root this?? are these adds deathgripable??)
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvreliaGaming View Post
    Thanks! Really well made guides.

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