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    How to revive a semi-dead guild? Worth it?

    So my guild (will link it if need be) used to raid several months back. March-ish, right when ToT came out. We had a pretty good team and I keep in contact with at least...5 1/2 of them (the half being one friend who is nigh impossible to get in contact with most of the time). Anywho, crap happened in our guild and the raid team split. People just let their subs expire soon after but since 5.4 is coming out, my friends and I intend on trying to get our guild back into doing stuff.

    Problem is, we only have at best, 6 people. and only 1-2 are online, usually in the evening. None on during the day or late night.

    So my question is, how would I go about trying to get more people to get at least 10-man raiding going? Is it worth it to even do so?
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    First of all, how committed are your six? Are they willing to slog it out for a whole raid tier, possibly having to raid with pugs every week? If they are, you have a good chance. If not, and you find you don't have that same six every week, your team will not survive. A core of six good people is kind of the borderline between a team working and a team falling apart - if the four pugs becomes five or six pugs each week you are in for a very rough tier.
    Secondly, what is the general vibe like, does your 6 have a strong camaraderie? If so, this will reflect positively on everyone and help you to recruit organically - i.e. pug comes in, has a fun raid night, asks to join guild/be a sub etc. It happens a lot this way.
    Your best bet might be to find four friends who want to raid and who gel with your six. Might be a bit more stable long term.

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    It's a little late to start, but it sounds like your best bet would be to merge with another guild who is in a similar situation. Advertise "Half of a raid team, looking for the other half".

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    Merge with another guild which is in a similar situation.

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    I'd just leave to be honest. Sounds like a pain to revive and recruit more people.

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    I would move on to bigger and better things. It sounds like they're not all interested, or that there's any potential to try and rebuild. Find yourself a guild, with whoever wants to come with you, helping them out if they need replacements. If for any reason you decide to rebuild your guild's core, move to a larger populated server, starting fresh with a new guild name.

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    Does reviving a guild often work? If a guild died, it's usually for a reason.
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    Agreed with Osmeric. When a guild dies usually the only element leftover is/was part of the problem that led up to the death of said guild. Move on to new pastures OP, it might be difficult but it can be very rewarding.

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    I wouldn't necessarily give up on the idea of not being able to keep the six you have together. Maybe that's in your current guild and you recruit, or you merge with another guild under your current banner ... or merge under another guild's banner ... similar but somewhat different, absorbing instead of merging ... really depends on whether you're essentially forming a new guild (even if under an existing banner) or taking folks on en masse ...

    I'd look into your options before deciding on anything. Speak with these folks about the possibility of reforming, whether they'd want to / whether they'd be able to commit, etc, etc. Look on WoWprogress for other guilds that had a similar progression as you (look for slightly worse if you're aiming to maintain your own banner), at least for the tiers in which your guild made it through to the end ... t14 in your case.

    Speak with other people on your server. There are bound to be other people in the same, or a similar, boat. But you need to figure out quick if you are all staying together or if you're going to fend for yourselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Does reviving a guild often work? If a guild died, it's usually for a reason.
    Pretty silly statement, most guilds fall apart because they lose people over time and don't bother to recruit.

    My guild started MoP with the exact group we started Dragon Soul with. We now have 8 new members and only 3 of the original group from Dragon Soul. 2 of which, myself included, have been running the guild since Wrath, and the guild itself was formed in BC.

    The change didn't happen randomly and it's not something we really wanted to happen, but certain people stopped raiding/playing and certain people were replaced.

    If myself or others didn't actively recruit people we would have died long ago. The problem most people have is trying to run only 10 individuals and/or recruiting only after someone leaves.

    It may be hard to revive a guild with 6 people and have high standards, so flex/slow progression may have to be the answer. Throwing together a guild to raid heroics just before the tier launches is probably too much to hope for.

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    Recruit, recruit, recruit.

    I've been in a 25m guild for a long time and the way they survive is by being in a constant recruitment drive. It's harder to do that as a 10m guild, but there is really no other way to keep a guild alive long term.
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    If the 6 of you always would show up for raid, and treat newcomers like a part of the raid it shouldn't be too hard, if you have tanks and a couple of healers in that group. It's a lot harder to find a couple of functional tanks+decent healers.

    Guess you're casual so remember to point out you want nice people. Nothing more annoying than new people that behaves like spoiled brats saying "go?" "go now", "ress pls", and otherwise complain about loot.
    Same thing means you shouldn't go with bullshit like "officers first" or things like that. You want people to get in and be part of the team right away. If they're horrible you can find others afterwards.

    Can try to look for another guild too that want to merge. Just have to be very very clear on lootrules, who can roll when etc, to avoid drama. People tend to have a kind of "them against us", for a while, so benching a person tend to be "omg it's just the other guild that never bench their own" :P
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