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    Post I need an addon that shows my own power bar and the targets power bar.

    Essentially what the title says;

    I need an addon that shows my own power bar and the target's

    Does anyone know of such a beauty?

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    Weak Auras can do that!

    Although it might be a lil bit of an overkill... >_>
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    It's kinda amazing how many hands these guys have, anyway. Our tank pally can put his hands on 3 different people and still hold his weapon and shield and make unsavory gestures towards enemies.

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    do you mean something like this?


    IE: My mana the bear's rage? This is a pretty old picture, but most unit frames do this automatically...

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    Use WeakAuras. You can configure it to show ANYTHING you want. It's just neat :-)

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    I use IceHUD myself, which is very nice.

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