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    How are the warriors at soloing?

    Hi guys! I want to level an alt to do solo content and Im thinking about warriors, so that's why im here to ask you if they are recommendable to do it.

    Sorry for my english, cya and thanks!

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    It really depends what content you want to solo. There's a thread on this forum listing what warriors have been able to accomplish. As a general rule, you can solo anything that either won't kill you through second wind (3% health per second) or anything you can get lots of victory rush procs on (non-trivial npcs).

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    As a warrior, every fight is basically a dps check if you go as a tank. If you have the dps for it, you can solo it quite well.
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    I think your best bet is still probably a death knight depending on what you want to solo.

    If its old content where your vengeance isn't going to get particularly high such as cataclysm, then yes a death knight.

    If its current content such as the guy that soloed galleon, you'll probably want to go for a paladin because of how beautifully they scale with vengeance in terms of damage and healing.

    Then there's monks, a monk isn't really regarded as a solo artist depending on what you're talking about. Stone guards hc for example, monks are generally about the avoidance and reducing magic damage by a lot, meaning fights like that are easy for a monk.

    It boils down to paladin vs monk vs dk, depending on which you like best, don't go warrior though.

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