View Poll Results: Why do you play/enjoy your Rogue?

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  • I just love the Rogue Archetype and Style.

    64 49.61%
  • The Gameplay and Rotations fit my Playstyle best.

    14 10.85%
  • A little bit of both.

    30 23.26%
  • Indifferent. Out of all classes, i just happened to stick with my Rogue.

    11 8.53%
  • Efficiency. It's a Mainstay and Powerhouse for PvE and PvP most of the time.

    10 7.75%
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    Because my rogue is my main, and I can't stand the idea of all the time I invested in her being put aside even if I'm having a hard time finding it being fun to DPS as rogue right now.

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    Well I do have a certain fondness for Rogues, and I'm so used to the playstyle from playing one for so long... that's largely because I couldn't bring myself to swap mains until they made achievement account wide though. Even then I've still ended up playing my Rogue as a main most of the time.

    Hard to tell at this point whether I'm just really used to the way they play or if it intrinsically suits me. I do much prefer the energy system to eg, a Warrior where you lose DPS if you don't mash your buttons the minute they're off CD. CPs are pretty good too. Rogues have stealth which is great for questing and messing around. Cloak has saved my ass more times than I can count, ditto Cheat Death.
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    When I was leveling my paladin, people in my guild thought I was a rogue, because I was always sneaking in places (i.e. paying close attention to aggro radius). So, it was a natural fit.

    And I love being a sneaky bastard.

    Also, at the start of Cata, my (new) guild had a metric (bleep)-ton of plate dps, and only one very inconsistent rogue. So, brought the rogue, and have had her as my primary raiding toon ever since.

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