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    [Music] Ylvis - The Fox (Suddenly internet sensation)

    So according to viewers this song is the new gangnam style or something. Soon has 4 mill views and was uploaded 3rd sep.

    Waddaya think?

    Stargate is acctually producing it. They have made rihanna-songs and what not.

    Btw for those who aren't aware of the fact this is parody which makes fun of so called music of our era and that they are comedians...RIP
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    Yeah, no. Gangnam style was actuall catchy and good in its own way. This is just plain shit.
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    I am not a fan.

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    some people just enjoy being stupid, with the internet its become easier for these types to congregate

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    Nah, just incredibly strange.

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    Well this is the second thread I've seen about it, making two entire instances I've heard about it. Hooray, more shitty "viral" crap that everyone likes because everyone else likes, without actually liking it, because it's mostly just shit.


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    Just horrible. I don't understand why this type of stuff is cool. It's just a bunch of furries at a party and making a bunch of stupid sounds. /facedesk

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    im surprised over the hate here as the likebar on youtube is pretty much all green

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    Pretty sure this is something about National pride for Norway...?

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    I did not enjoy it... His voice is so annoying!

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    The fox has many voices!

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    My brain just oozed out of my nose and began to throttle me for tormenting my ears with such crap.
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    bunch of edgy hipster people all up in this thread yo

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    If anything had a chance at being the next Gangam Style, it'd be like this:

    Except with an English hook.

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    His voice is good. The song? I just find it amusing and hilarious but not a good song per se.
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    thought it wasn't too bad, made me laugh a bit. Watched a few more of his work, liked the Stonehenge song more.

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    Who says this garbage is an "Internet sensation"? You?
    This has one demographic, and appeals exclusively to the same target audience as "Annoying Orange": obnoxious 7th graders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinzai View Post
    If anything had a chance at being the next Gangam Style, it'd be like this:

    Except with an English hook.
    but that's exactly the same thing as gangnam style

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    As a norwegian im not sure if i should be proud or ashamed of this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raybourne View Post
    but that's exactly the same thing as gangnam style
    If I'm not mistaken that IS Gangnam Style just sung in Japanese in stead of Korean.

    Now for the OP I don't mind it, not something I'd listen to on a regular basis but it's not horrible like some of the other viral songs.

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