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    ^Agreed who ever made this is trying too hard to be the next Gangnam style. The video gave me goosebumps in the worst way possible.
    This song is just an advertisement for a talk show. Nothing else. And they succeeded pretty good.

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    It's sad that most people haven't realised that it's a joke, and not a serious song, nor is it even an attempt to be a serious song - nor is it trying to be the next "Gangnam Style".

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    wow a bunch of haters on this video they made.

    It's not even a real song, its a fucking parody for their upcoming show.

    i found hilarious to watch. it's not to be taken seriously

    fucking hipsters i swear.

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    It's an alright song, not meant to be taken seriously
    They actually have better parody songs I thought,

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    The lack of a sense of humor in this thread is indicative of the grumpy mmo forum community.

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    I like how everybody who doesn't like it is considered a "hipster" or "lacking a sense of humor." I get that it isn't a serious song and that it's supposed to be a parody, but I think the humor is fucking retarded. The "so random and silly xD" type of humor stopped being funny for me in early high school. There are definitely higher quality and funnier parodies out there. This is bottom of the barrel.

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    This thread made me think of The Fox & The Hound. So sad.

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    His voice is terrible.

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    idk... I feel like this song is known for being bad more so then being good. It's like the international Rebecca Black

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    People telling its not catchy are liars. I bet they went back to video and listened to it multiple times.
    So many wanna be hipsters in this thread hating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melkesjokolade View Post
    So according to viewers this song is the new gangnam style or something. Soon has 4 mill views and was uploaded 3rd sep.

    Waddaya think?

    Stargate is acctually producing it. They have made rihanna-songs and what not.

    Btw for those who aren't aware of the fact this is parody which makes fun of so called music of our era and that they are comedians...RIP
    I...wut. I made it 56 seconds into that without wanting to kill someone. I'm very proud of myself. But I couldn't stand any more of it, the urge to gouge someone's eyes out with a fucking diaper were getting too strong.

    That being said, and after surviving about 30 seconds in the Stonehenge song, I can definitely say the dude has an awesome voice. Now that I know this is just parody music and doesn't take itself seriously *coughSystemOfADowncough* it isn't all THAT terrible. I think Jack Black's music is worse than this, and he DOES take himself seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warwithin View Post
    Politicians put their hand on the BIBLE and swore to uphold the CONSTITUTION. They did not put their hand on the CONSTITUTION and swear to uphold the BIBLE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaqur View Post
    People telling its not catchy are liars. I bet they went back to video and listened to it multiple times.
    So many wanna be hipsters in this thread hating.
    Yeah, because if somebody disagrees with you, they're a hipster. Obviously. It's not like people have different opinions or anything.

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    But it's not "so random and silly xD". I think it has a good point, how many knows what sounds foxes make? They are never mentioned in children's books where all the other animal sounds are.

    It's perfectly fine to not like the song though of course, just saying it's not that random. It's a song about something I find pretty interesting eventhough I already know what a fox sound like. I love learning about animals and nature. I know quite a few people where I work actually wondered and tried to find out what foxes sound like after this video went around the office Now I know Ylvis probably never cared about educating people about animals with this song, but it still does!

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    Most internet fads (like Gangnam), I find to be awful. But...

    Ylvis = genius

    All their songs are awesome.

    As others may have said, they strike me as a Norwegian version of Lonely Island.
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    My brother showed it to me last night and prefaced it by saying 'this is hilarious you have to watch this'. I didn't really find it actually funny, but I could see where others might.

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