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    Quote Originally Posted by Selesnya View Post
    You should seriously check up your either your eyes or your screen. One of them is not alright. The lines are just as visible on low settings as they are on high settings.
    It doesn't stay looking like that at all. I think this is what he's referring to:
    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
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    Durumu on the PTR is the hardest fight ever.

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    the thing i find confusing bout the maze.. is the illusion. the purple lines go everywhere.. but people can still run through them and be safe.. it creates a false image, people on the left side of duru will die, but people on the right side should be fine. where is the safe point exactly? u just have to hope and guess u followed the right people. overall its a really stupid mechanic, id find halions beams, sinestras cutters, grand vizier's discs, or pretty much any other mechanic much easier to avoid cause you can see it better. plus the duru fight is so boring, you fall asleep during it, aside from the maze portion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trafalgarlaw View Post
    Except he isnt wrong. Far from it.

    There are 3 types of people in LFR:

    -overgeared real raiders that want to flex epeen and dont need to be in LFR.
    -afking/trolling cunts (usually from the kazzak server)
    whoa whoa whoa. im like ilvl 530ish holy pally and i run most wings once or twice a month atleast. great for picking up offspec gears and VP. i dont do dailies other then to get my 50 marks.

    OT i try to help or point out the main points on bosses, but only if someone asks, which is like 1/100 times. i had a guy on this fight say he has died to it over 10 times and has never figured it out, i explained it to him, even told him to follow me. he still died. also there is a plethora of vids and stuff on the webs, cant help people if they dont want to take 5min and help themselves.

    also....just mark someone thats been there before...when the maze starts stack on them and follow. really that simple. and to the heroes who stand in the purple stuff and dont even try no you dont get heals from me. if everyone does it right there isnt any healing needed in the first place.

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