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    Trinket question

    Hello, I am running flex with guild tonight and I am trying to decide which trinkets to use

    I am currently using Vicious Talisman of Shado-pan assault and my other trinket option is Discipline of Xuen (535) and Rune of Re-origination..

    Now I know thr Rune is not good for hunters overall.. but I am wondering if the Crit rating I get from it (roughly 78%) is worth using over the raw agility I get from Xuen.. since the Mastery proc is also not great

    I am Survival btw.

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    nobody? :|

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    I simmed you in femaledwarf quick,and ofc,the rune is behing the Xuen trinket,even 2/2 upgraded so stick with Shado pan and Xuen till you get some Flex/LFR ones from SoO.

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    Thank you, I appreciate it! I figured the raw agility would prob make it better

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