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    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    Firefox's UI is more polished

    I can do that too

    OT: Chrome because the UI is very minimalistic, and it's really fast on my computer, like blazing fast.
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    Firefox. Been using it for a long time and like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    That proves nothing except that you haven't ever gone to that page on Chrome
    Quote Originally Posted by Crennox View Post
    I can do that too
    Both of you are missing the point.

    First off, that image was taken after visiting MMO-Champion in Chrome (which is why the site rather than a Google search result is listed first).

    The address bar drop down menu is more polished in Firefox: more readable font color/size, more apparent text highlighting, better background object highlighting (not shown for Firefox), more address bar search results (6 on screen, 6 scrollable). Chrome address bar is full of Google search results rather than relevant history, paying homage to its Google roots.

    Chrome is a vehicle for Google revenue streams where as Firefox is developed solely as a browser.

    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    Short answer: At the 'consumer' level (as opposed to chazus's administrative perspective), Firefox is the better choice due to its more user-friendly and feature-packed interface.

    Only choose Chrome if compatibility issues and speed irritate you (Firefox has come a long way in this respect) or Google services and Android integration are very important.

    Long answer:

    Chrome is developed by Google with primary underlying goal of generating Google revenue via Google services, primarily Google search/advertisement which is why Google search results are shown first in the address bar drop down menu. The same reason is why Chrome works so well with other Google services (such as translation).

    Internet Explorer developed by Microsoft with two underlying goals: promotion of both Windows and Bing search (in competition with Google search).

    Of the three most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE), Firefox is the only browser which is developed specifically as a browser, without competing underlying interests; this is why Firefox has such a great user interface. On the other hand, since Mozilla isn't a backed by a large company like Microsoft or Google so their funding isn't as robust which leads to slightly more issues with compatibility and slower speed. On the other hand, Firefox has come a long way with regards to compatibility issues, especially with Flash. Moreover, Firefox restores all tabs after a crash and even restores inputted content after a crash.
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    Mozilla Waterfox mainly..... no idea why. Makes many tab browsing feel more responsive... the browser using 1.5gb ram and all.
    Chrome only for Battlelog.. (requireing 32 bit)

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    Google Chrome because I've gotten used to it and like it. :P
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    Use both, Firefox as a main and Chrome as my work hub

    Prefer Firefox greatly for general browsing, and it works better as a program than Chrome imo
    Use Chrome for Gmail/Gdoc/Work YouTube/Gcalender, basically so I can log into two google accounts as the 'main' (certain systems don't work correctly with the switch user stuff)

    Biggest problem I have with Firefox, is that Facebook chat (the IM side bar part) causes it to snarl up after a few hours, but thats a problem with FB's awful coding rather than the browser, and its just less of a problem in Chrome because it just crashes the tab and lets that restart rather than the whole browser

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    Chrome. I was a Firefox user for a long time, but Chrome is just too sleek and awesome, can't change from it, even if I tried to.
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    I use IE10 because

    It's just as fast as the other browsers
    It's more secure than any other browsers(Look it up)
    It's included in Windows so you don't need to install anything else
    I don't like to use a browser made by an advertising company

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    chrome ... when i switched to chrome IE was really slow and firefox was just the browser EVERYONE used ... i wanted to try something different.
    now i'm using chrome and i love it, dunno why ... the layout is nice, it is fast and everything works perfect.
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    chrome, because i chat on facebook and i hate runing out of ram when doing so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moosie View Post
    Firefox, addon support in Firefox is far superior to chromes. I use to use both chrome and firefox, mainly firefox for addons, but ever since like version 20, firefox has becomes miles faster then chrome, so I uninstalled chrome and used only firefox, not turned back ever since.

    Good luck doing that on chrome :P
    cant use that in FF 23.0.1 lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by usgroup1 View Post
    I use IE10 because

    It's just as fast as the other browsers
    It's more secure than any other browsers(Look it up)
    It's included in Windows so you don't need to install anything else
    I don't like to use a browser made by an advertising company
    Where do I look it up? Usually it's the person claiming something that provides the evidence.

    Microsoft (IE) has no advertising?

    It's installing during OS installation so it's probably as much installation time as installing Chrome, FF etc.

    Compared to Chrome I'm missing profiles, synchronization, "paste and go", more options for apps/customization. They did make AddBlock compatible with IE so I guess that's a start . I don't really feel less or more secure than most other browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garradorr View Post
    Firefox used it for years has been reliable and great all those years, especially with a few nice addons to block ads etc.
    Same here. Nothing to add.

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    Rockmelt, until they bloody stopped allowing it to work. Loved the side chat bar and how quick it was.

    Now Im on Chrome and it feels clunky as buggery and has stuffed up more in the last month than Rockmelt ever did.

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    firefox, it would be chrome except chrome doesn't have the option to have a file,edit menu at the top. >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevecow View Post
    Firefox. Started using it back in the day as an alternative to Internet Explorer. Been using it so long I'm just use to it. I'm really not sure what an other browser could offer me that could make my life easier. They all seem the same.
    Same reason for me, plus Firefox has lots and lots of addons.

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    Firefox just for the addons, nothing else keeps me using it. I'd switch to chrome if i had all my addons, or most of them.

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    Chrome and IE 10. I use IE 10 only if for some reason Chrome doesn't wanna load a website or I need to have 10+ tabs opened at the same time, which Chrome sucks at (so does Firefox).

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    i need ie to use my token for company banking

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    Firefox for most stuff simply because of add-on support, Chrome for the rest.

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