Hello, I'm Moshpitt.

Here’s a little backstory for context. I have been playing the game since 2004. I Started out on Drak'thul, where I was introduced to the game by an army roommate. I eventually ended up on Twisting Nether in game and ended up getting reassigned to Korea in real life. Times didn't work out between the two, so I moved from the Nether to Khaz. He I am, here I remain, I’ve been a Khaz'goroth denizen since 2006.

I originally rolled a Tauren Shaman, later, a Tauren Warrior. I raided MC, BWL, AQ20 (some 40), and ZG as both. Naxx came out, but wasn’t a part of a guild that was running it.

BC came. As did Wrath. I was alliance at this point. I have been to and from and through the raiding scene throughout that time. I started out the nub getting trolled to the guy calling shots and everything in between. I'm pretty chill and laid back but can ramp up the intensity if it feels warranted.

Long story short, Guild politics got old so I started my own guild, with people I like and trust.

Long story long, I have amassed a small group of people who I have a respect and love for. We're far from bleeding edge and rarely clear the content when it was relevant. It’s been the case since very late in Wrath. Biggest reason is time on bosses that we usually are able to put in. With the group of people we have, we can usually have 2 solid nights a week at any given tier. This guild, after all, was built to accommodate that fact with the people I found. And unless we get a massive pull in recruitment, that’s the way it’ll remain.

We are a tight little group, so tight in fact that if we lose 1 person for whatever reason we lose a raid night. The reason varies from down internet to hospital stays to children recitals. Half the raid is in their 20s, other half is 30+ and only a couple of which play to an extent that could fill the time need of a 3 Night+ raid week. Everyone in the guild currently has been together as part of machine since 2009. We've known each other in previous guilds prior to that. I’ve even met my soon to be wife whom I’m currently residing with, in WoW. Machine has a rather long history as a guild.

We know each other by name, we celebrate holidays together, birthdays and the like. Someone gets good news, it’s a great day for us all. If someone suffers, we all hurt. I can honestly for myself, say that I consider them friends. All of them, I’ll have a beer with. We even have gifted wow time and have been gifted wow time, just to log in. And this will be the 2nd year we’ve had a guild NFL Fantasy Football league.

But the Machine falters.

We’ve lost a healer to new life job opportunities. They log in from time to time, but a long move and a lot of new stuff, makes it near impossible for him to make raids. We’re set to lose a tank to university, which has already started but it’s still the feeling out weeks. That is set to ramp up during patch week. He may or may not be available this coming week, where in I’ll tank and we will just pug if we must.

But I really hate tanking. I don’t like having so many people rely on me. But I have bigger PUG issues. So much bigger in fact, I rather just tank.

I know it is not always the case, but people can be more toxic than help. I don’t like asking for help just for people to question my sexual orientation and if I wear a helmet when I get up in the mornings. I really just don’t care to deal with it anymore. I won't get into major detail, no real reason to, but I do not like pugging. Unfortunately, that ties into recruitment to a degree. And here we are, Machine needs people in order to continue.

We currently have a small roster, which was the intent from inception. That leaves us with the slight chance of fielding a 10 man team, especially with the aforementioned Raiders being called in for real life. In order for it to happen, so many stars have to align. So I’m going to try to stack the deck and get another couple to a few who may be interested in our guilds soul and personality, and would be interested to be a part of that environment in a Flex Raid format. We may or may not be able to run the new content without opening up the recruitment doors. If only just a little.

Guess that was a lot of story. But if you’re still here, you may still be interested so to the meat and potatoes.

Recruitment Needs

Current set up roster goal will be Flex Raid with 2 tanks, 3 heals, 1 offset healer, 1 offset tank at a minimum. This is mainly to allow for everyday life to step in.

To meet that goal, we’ll need to screen and recruit:
1 Tank
1 Offset Tank
1 Healer, any type
DPS would be an “As-Needed” basis.

With the focus being on flex raid, this will allow us to keep the roster small, but allow for a couple missed nights for a person or two without one person being a closed gate for the rest of the raid.

With Flex not sharing lockout with Normal, if we can muster the numbers with the compressed roster, we’ll line up a Normal run that will take place at its own designated time.

If we cannot accommodate that in guild, then it won’t be an issue allowing people to pug it on their own time outside of designated raid block.

Current Raid Time:

Tuesday and Wednesday (in-game server calendar Wed/Thurs)
11:30 A.M. Server Time.
07:30 P.M. MDT

Additional Information:

Due to the nature of Machine and its people, 11:30 isn’t a hard time. If we have everyone on sooner, we run the content, if someone is going to be late they usually call/text ahead of time with an estimated time they’ll be around and we’ll adjust accordingly.

With you being new, we don’t need the information on how to get ahold of you outside of the game, that’s on you to be willing to pass along. You can still email me (everyone in guild gets that) or leave an in-mail game to Moshpitt. All I ever ask of anyone is a heads up.
Anything else is fluid. Everybody has something different going on any given day. Any issues that should arise will be handled as best they can in a timely fashion.

Have a decent understanding of what you’re playing. Have the understanding that other people aren’t you.

Thank you for your time,

If you are interested and like to get in contact with me please use the following contact info:
Battletag : zombiedog#1454
Email: bdoherty1 at cnm dot edu
In-game Main: Moshpitt