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    Favorite Class to play and why?

    Hello everyone. Long time player here that's been away from the game for most of MoP. I've played a rogue my whole WoW career, but since coming back it has been rather boring to me. So, I'm here today to ask what everyone views some of the funner classes to play and why.

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    Monk. Hands down. Even if it continues to be a mysterious class of strange nerfs and reliance on freakishly steep reactions to certain items (trinkets and legendary gems) in order to compete with other classes, they just feel right playing them.

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    In 5.4 though? Dunno.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Monk. Hands down. Even if it continues to be a mysterious class of strange nerfs and reliance on freakishly steep reactions to certain items (trinkets and legendary gems) in order to compete with other classes, they just feel right playing them.
    I agree with this statement. Plus all the rolling and the flipping and the movement abilities are just downright fun. They're awesome to look at.

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    Retribution. Haste makes the whack-a-mole esque gameplay get really intense especially under stuff like hero/lust. You're always pressing a button somehow, someway.
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    Resto druid - Laid back but fun

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    Hehe. I doubt you're going to get the same answer too often. I gotta say I dislike Paladins and Death Knight, Paladins feel a bit clunky and DK uhh... well every attack just feels the same, lacks flavor.

    I love shaman for it's utility and gameplay overall is just fun and bursty (Also who doesn't like throwing buckets of lava at their enemy's faces). Rogue is also one of my favs simply because of the sneak, druid feral also sneaks, but it just doesn't feel the same </3.

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    Rogue - i just like the idea of being a light armored nimble class that appears from the shadow, since im not a pvper i rarely ever use sub but combat and assassination even though they are very similar but they are very enjoyable.

    The only thing i would like to change is maybe a glyph that perhaps could makes rogues tank purely for the reason in 10 man raids its hard enough to keep a high attendance on a small roster and by having this glyph would give the raid and rogue a little more utility and would make the raid comp a lot easier.

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    disc priest, just love healing on it.

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    I miss playing my holy priest, but MoP wasn't hpriest friendly at all, so I settle for playing my blood DK (which I love as well)

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    WARLOCK Most intresting to play with. And warlocks have the best looking tiers allways. :P

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    I have to say hunter, it was the best time i had in vanilla and bc to tame beasts for their abilities and you had to keep feeding it or it would run away. It is really a shame they took all that out tbh

    Right now i play a shaman, they are great fun againt large groups of adds

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    after blizz sucked out all the fun from hunters - warlock

    all 3 specs feel different, arguably best looking sets, utility, and its just fun ;]

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    I would say that Mage was the most fun to both level and play. .... why am I playing a disc-priest as my main right now...... hm..

    Well either way, Mage or hunter is the most fun class for me Why? Cause they have lots of utilities. Mages got portals and water, Hunters got pets and several traps <3

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    Mistweaver (Healer) Monk - Amazing play style! Loved it since Beta day one.

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    Feral Druid - it feels like a dance in stead of a dps rotation.

    And then there is any healing spec. Healing is just more fun than any dps class; sadly it's only ever a challenge during progress - it's hard to improve beyond that where people actually notice it.

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    Rogue in combination with female Goblin. I like the concept of a sneaky thief who's able to divert enemies with a range of tools, both PVE and RP wise, and I've always preferred the classes wearing leather. They've got the best transmog possibilites. And fem Goblins because they're so bouncy. Also, giant nose.

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    Of my current 90s my 3 favourites would be: WW Monk, Blood DK, Ele Sham.

    Monk because it's hugely fun to roll around and fly kick for 100 yards, also I never tire of backflip kicking people in the face.

    Blood DK because it's Tank that feels like DPS to play, but there's a lot of depth to it if you wanna get serious. Plus I can solo farm for lesser charms without breaking a sweat.

    Ele Sham is just really pretty With lots of control and semi-decent offheals.

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    I like my monk just because of the *higher* skill cap than most of the other tanks, even though once I got used to it it seems to be a lot easier than some other tanks I've played in the past. Idk why people say monks for rolling, roll is just a regular mobility move like any other class, and honestly I'd rather Blink/Displacer, etc. over roll any day. Anyway, yeh, Monk is top right now from a tanking PoV. I play on all tanking classes and I'd have to say Blood DK is probably the worst. The rotation feels weird (having to sit on runes for optimal death strike use) is lame. Also, a lot of people hate on it - but I really love my Guardian Druid, they have a nice simple rotation, a nice set of abilities to use, and they really just aren't that bad. Paladin on the other hand, I just don't like it but maybe my pally is at low haste levels so it feels awkward sometimes (only iLv 500~ or so). Anyway - I'd rank tanks overall like this: Monk>Druid>Warrior>Pally>DK. I'm sure many people wouldn't agree though, but I'm talking strictly about playstyle, not performance.

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