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    Brewmaster monk. Very unique tanking class.

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    Priest, best looking spells so far.
    Hymns, PoM, Barrier, pw:shield + aegis, suppression, wings, guardian spirit, apparitions, shadowform, fiend/mindbender, halo/cascade/DS.... everything a priest does is just AWESOME.
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    Slowfall macro and portals
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    Warrior because of charge.

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    Priest because of pre-WotLK Mind Flay animation and Shadowform

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    Paladins for versatility really, and we make for very good tanks with plenty of self-heals, threat generation and similar spells.

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    For raiding, it's a toss up between Mistweaver monk and Discipline priest I would say. What makes me enjoy raiding is mostly seeing the effect I can have personally on the whole group and as a MW monk and Disc priest I can clearly see it through healing/damage patterns. When there's a lot of incoming damage coming from a mechanic, as a Disc priest I can bubble up the raid and then I can clearly see that the whole raid's health went down much less than it would have without my actions. Alternatively, as a MW monk I can see the bursts of healing cause by uplift after the damage has happened through everyone's healthbars popping up. It's one of the reasons I don't really enjoy DPSing and tanking as much. Although Shamans DO look very promising for their hybrid nature in DPS specs, particularly Enhancement.

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    Destruction warlocks and windwalker monks. They just feel good to play!

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    mistweaver monk for the insane amount of moveability/ survivability and elemental shaman for being able to cast 50 chain lightnings/ lava bursts a looks so pretty :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blachshma View Post
    I miss playing my holy priest, but MoP wasn't hpriest friendly at all, so I settle for playing my blood DK (which I love as well)
    Same here, just i'm uh/frost.

    I find mages (fire and frost), ret paladins, disc priests (pvp wise), druids and DK to be the most fun for me in the game.

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    Warrior, nothing like charging in with plate armor and beating the crap out of whatever you're cheap gimmicks like the other classes just pure brutality and physical and strength.

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    I'd like to think that my favorite class to play is druid, but I'm not sure. I've always been a fan of plate melee classes(played a warrior main for 7 years). So with that being said I think DK is my fav class to play, and I like it because of what it stands for, that and I love playing frost lots and lots of crits!

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    hunter because all the mobility is great. i love being ranged, having a better view of everything from a distance and not having to worry about positioning around the boss. pet tanking is great for soloing and farming things. focus is fun to manage. misdirection, traps, and disengage are fun too.

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    Paladin, because I've always like the "holy warrior" concept and play it in every game where it's possible, stemming from my youth playing D&D (although back then we would always cheat to get 17 Charisma lol). It just so happens that they are pretty impressive in WoW.
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    Honestly I don't really have a true favorite. I really loved Elemental Shaman but I just can't enjoy playing it in MOP. Really bums me out because that will always be my character. Almost all of my internet accounts are some form of Volitar, I have tons and tons of TCG and Transmog on him so much that I literally have 0 room in my bank (full Royal Satchels). I have this awesome avatar and I don't even like playing that toon .

    I guess if I had to choose it would be Shadow but that is more because I despise most classes.

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    For a long time I played pretty much every class there was, just what my guild needed that content. TBC up to BT I was a rogue, fun class but pretty boring back imo. BT and SWP I was resto shaman (chain heal spam, yay!). Throughout WotLK I was a hunter, it was fine, I liked the class but could not really "love" it just because I am more of a melee person. Early Cata I was feral druid, later resto druid and in the end tank druid. That was pretty nice, too.

    But as I started to play DK in MoP I just felt in love with the class as a whole. The unholy Death Knight, spell breaker, warrior and a summoner in one. I LOVED the concept and I actually really loved playing it. Since 5.0 I can't imagine playing anything else. Although I hope we get to do some more summoning spells in the next expansion. Maybe make Gargoyle baseline for all DK's as a CD and get another creature to fight for us, maybe an Abomination or a nerubian spider or just something else.

    I just love the "feel" of the DK class, although they sucked hard throughout ToT I stood strong waiting for the we get buffed back to middle of the pack, I don't need more than that.

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    Hunter, because it is one of the most unique classes in game. The mobility of a melee with the ease of target switching of a ranged. I have my problems with the way hunters play in MoP, but I have been maining a hunter for almost 9 years and I won't be stopping anytime soon.

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    Rogue. I loathe having abilities in my rotation or priority on short (4-12 seconds) cool downs. I am not a good multi-tasker and I often find my omnicc ticking down as eye catching as a magpie finds shinies.

    I like looking at the boss and the environment, I don't like having the glance over at hot bars every few seconds. I think the game would be better with more complicated encounters and less complicated ability patterns, but i understand a lot of people love having a tough to perform rotation.

    Rogue has been the best class for me in this regard.

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    Heavily armored melee classes. Always. Unfortunately, I also like 1v1 pvp and melee classes in wow are gimped for that purpose, so I have no choice but to play a silly monk.

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