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    What's your average words per minute?

    If you don't know try out

    I'm at around 75 - 80; playing WoW for about 6 years really improved my typing.

    Edit: Also if you guys know any jobs that require a certain amount of wpm I would like to know; just curious is all.
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    130 or something last I checked. I'm jelly of all those folks running at 180+. Saw someone at like 210 or something.

    Edit: I guess I shouldn't have just blurted it out. On another test I was running at 130 like I said but on this one I'm barely breaking a 100.
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    I think I've gotten to like 116 or something on 10 fast fingers but it's a wicked easy test, I'm usually at like 108-110 average I'd say.

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    i seem to make alot of typos when i try to type blind
    my score was 54 wpm was seem abit low ill try to practice :P
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    About 140-160 I learned my typing... from Diablo 2 literally It's quite ackwerd but hey it actually helped in school haha

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    Keyboard layout can affect typing speed. Dvorak is supposed to be faster than QWERTY.
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    I average at about 150wpm on the Qwerty style keyboard.

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    Keyboard layout is a big factor in typing speed.
    So true, especially with the Dvorak keyboard layout.

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    i donno all the shift to do 1 big letter seem to slow me down quite alot im having trouble with shift and the right hand stuff like , . ' etc
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    I can do about 60 its a pretty respectable number

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    Considering I haven't slept yet, and I'm tired, + english not being my native language, I guess I did pretty well.

    I also had to pass a test to prove I wasn't cheating, if you get more than 105 or so and aren't logged in they ask you to do it...

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    93 wpm, not bad, I used to be at 84, so it looks like a big improvement over the past year and a half.
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    mid to high 60's pretty consistently.
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    I usually get low 80s in my native language (Swedish) and somewhere around 100 in English.

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    Only hitting the mid-60s tonight, but that is without half of my dominant hand (currently having it looked into, but likely carpal tunnel, repetitive motion injury, or pinched nerve).

    I have taken typing tests for employment placement quite a while back, and scored higher (mid 90s-110s). I am currently a bit out of practice though.. usually even with the hand issues I can hit a little higher. Current job also requires an awkward, short-hand style typing that may or may not be having an effect.

    I do type really non-traditionally (no home row here), but usually it is more than sufficient for whatever I am trying to do.

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    85-95 WPM average with maximum speed of 105 so far .

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    High 60s low 70s for me, but with great accuracy

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    Last I tested, like 150+ or something. Somewhere around the mid 100s or so anyway.

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    Average is around 80-90, used to be about 110-120.

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    Eh, I type so much faster when it is my own words I am typing rather than transcribing something. I have gotten worse over the years though. In school I was at about 90 WPM, now I was only averaging 40! I could blame it on the hour and lack of sleep, but I think it is just out of practice, lol.
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