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    Naga possible race for the next expansion. [suggestions and FAQ] Long.

    When Ghostcrawl were at chinajoy 2013 he got interviewed by some guys you can find the link down below.

    Due to all the people that Cossplayed nagas, ghostcrawler got asked about if naga were the playable race, he replied:

    They have Tails istead of legs, we will have some problems whit the armor. but my soloution here is down below (link).

    And here comes the big FAQ.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
    Q: Ohhh the nagas does not have legs how does they ride mounts???

    A: They can have their tail sideways or take it around the mount. you can also see the link down below for a example.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
    Q: They have no legs!!!

    A: Look the link down below but another answer: Tail bracelets and tail cuffs for the ''feet'' or tail tip.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
    Q: ooooh horde and alliance hate them they cant become playable!!!!!!!!!

    A: Well if you have ever played WC3 The frozen throne you will know that Lady Vashj and Kaelthas became very good friends, and Kalethas are the leader of the Belf untill the other guy took over. Q2: But Voljin killed naga leader! A2: Well that was because nagas are split into diffrent clans whit diffrent leaders, not every naga are under aszharas control, and Zar'jira werent if you played wc3.

    As for the alliance, they are former highborn or highelf or whatever members, soo maybe they whould accept them because they want as much allies as the alliance, besides Kalethas used to be alliance in wc3.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
    Q: But they are ruled by the evil naga, queen aszhara (Saw what i did there?)

    A: What if see sends them to their deaths and the naga become angry at her for doing it all the time soo they go rebel and start attacking her, more and more naga join her but others stay whit her. When they are outnumbered the rebel leaders flee to the alliance and horde to ask for help. the horde nagas go to silvermoon.
    The blood elfs accepts gladly as they were allies whit Kalethas before.

    The nagas goes to Tyrande as she want to execute them at once but they tell their story and agress to destroy aszhara, soo both factions goes back whit reinforcements to enter queen aszharas palace, destroys it, she flees to the depths to the ocean whit milions of other naga and the rebels are left whitout a home and are given the option to join either the alliance and the horde.

    Tyrande asks Varian and he answers: They are evil all of them but if they are willing to stand against ther OWN queen, then they may have a place in the alliance, they just need to build their reputation first.

    The belf king goes to Vol'jin (if he becomes warchief, which is higly possible): Dey be enemies of da horde, but Kalethas has worked whit dem before?
    Well as long as dey be helpin da horde i dont see the problem, but remember dis elf; you have de answer for dem, you will have dem in your city soo if dey ever go frenzy against the horde, you will be de first victim, understood?

    (this is getting very off topic but whatever.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

    Now to the leg issue if arent good enough, before aszhara sends the naga to their deaths she attempts a ritual to make them highelf or .... yes you know again. the proccess starts from tail to the head, when she reaches the waist they get attacked by the (Venture C.O?) a pillar falls on her and she are knocked unconscious. (the naga collects a orb to do the ritual its also destroyed.) soo their legs become scaly and stuff.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________


    Gills: Allows underwater breathing.
    Shark finns?: allows 15% faster Swimming
    Blessed by azshara: Shoots a orb at the enemy stunning them for 2 sec, and slowing them for an additonal 4 sec after.
    Living in the deeeeep: 10 shadow ressitance.
    Royal: 10% more expertise whit Polearms
    Teachings of the enchantress: Better enchanting.
    Royal mind: 10% more intellect
    Drowner: All stats are increased by 5% while in water?

    (not all the Racials are used ofc) __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________


    Almost all races have evil backgrounds:

    Undead, were slaves of the lich king.
    Orcs: Guldan orcs?
    Troll: Amani trolls and them.

    Gnome: leeper gnomes
    Worgen: Feral worgen.
    Draenai: Former Eredar.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

    Soo that rounds up this thread thanks for reading, please bring in oppinions.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

    This is not a troll post.

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    GC was asked why aren't naga playable and he said the devs had issues with foot armor, issues that are being worked at.

    There's your clue. Why work at it if they aren't going to be playable ?

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    No they asked Will they be playable, then Ghostcrawler laughed and said, they have tails istead of legs, making armor for them will be a problem, HOWEVER, he did never say NO to it.

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    You have most of the lore stuff twisted. Gnomes don't have "evil backgrounds", Leper Gnomes didn't come before Gnomes. Draenei are UNCORRUPTED Eredar, they chose not to follow Kil'Jaedan and Archimonde so, no evil there. Worgens were human, they don't really have "evil background".

    Also, the Blood Elves hate Kael'thas, they would never accept the naga because of him. And honestly, if they want to do this game any good, they BETTER not bring them to the Alliance, Tyrande would -NEVER- go for it. Also, no racials that increase a base stat (int, str, agi), they removed that on gnomes so they would never go for it again. A 6 seconds CC is kind of an overkill, too.

    I wouldn't put my hopes to it.

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    If leeper gnomes didnt come from gnomes, where did they come from then?
    And abseloutely all Draenei were eredar at the start untill some weird sh|t happend and whatever.
    Also Dwarves were stone, ice and iron dwarves before they just fell under the curse of flesh and became fleshy.

    And if the belfs hated Kale'thas. its a chance that they knew who lady vashj were and that the naga are friendly if you become allied whit them.

    And its not a 6 second CD. 2 sec stun, 4 sec slow. you can still cast abilities when slowed and i didnt say that all the racials were to be used.

    + the also when they all were eredar sargeras came to argus or whatever to offer them power, archimonde and Kil'jaeden accepted and velen did not.
    Soo velen got help from the naru and turned hes eredar to dranei (i think) and made the exodar?

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    Leper Gnomes DID come from Gnomes, but the GNOMES THEMSELVES don't have an evil background, there's a difference.
    The Draenei are Eredar. But they are uncorrupted Eredar, they choose good over evil, so they weren't really evil.
    Dwarves were stone, ice, etc, but that doesn't make them evil, no.

    The next sentence about knowing who Lady Vashj is, I didn't even get. Everyone knows who Lady Vashj is, she's an evil, jealous bitch that is technically dead.

    CC= Crowd Control refers to spells and abilities which limit an opponents ability to participate in a fight. Crowd Control abilities can be divided in to two distinct categories: loss of control abilities, and positional control abilities. Slow is a CC, stun is a CC, so overal 6 sec CC.

    And yes, you are about correct about the Draenei history.

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    Bump bump bump

    Bumping threads isn't allowed here
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    Or just make an offshoot of the main naga race that still has legs. The naga are supposed to have "evolved" various different adaptations for aquatic life, anyway. Some have six arms, some have tentacles, some have carapaces, some of poisonous spines, some can spray ink.

    Many, many years ago, I came up with an idea for a playable naga subrace that had sleek, almost serpentine, digitigrade legs, with a single, long, claw-like spur in place of toes, inspired by the vestigial legs found in certain primitive snakes. Their tail remained long and powerful, though less so than that of the usual naga. They would walk and run using their legs, but could also fold and tuck their legs out of the way, allowing them to slither for sprinting or stealth animations.

    I called them nazja'dorei, which in the language of the naga (Nazja), literally means "children of the abyss," or "Deepborne." This is in contrast with the naga, whose name means "one with the abyss," or "Deep One." Similar to the kaldorei (night elves), quel'dorei (high elves), and sin'dorei (blood elves), they are sometimes referred to as "sea elves," and prior to revealing themselves to the world, the rarely seen Deepborne were called half-naga, rumored to be the half-breed offspring of naga and blood elves.

    *Naturally, these Nazja words and their meanings are all of my own invention, and contain not-so-veiled references to the Lovecraft Mythos (Deep Ones) and other fantasy settings (sea elves).

    The core concept was that they represented the earliest, most primitive stage in the evolution of the naga, Highborne that had not fully mutated and never completely adapted to aquatic life, lacking the physical capacity to reach the deepest reaches of the naga kingdom. As a result, they were considered inferior by the naga and were shunned by Azshara and her court, much like the commoners of the ancient night elf society. Viewed as a disgrace, they are typically not allowed to leave the naga's holdings and thus are seldom seen outside of Nazjatar, where they work primarily as laborers, craftsmen, and even slaves.

    Within their society, disenfranchised as it was by their naga overlords, there would be the underpinnings of a rebellion movement. Some Deepborne formed secret druidic sects or began to once again worship Elune, hoping to return to their kaldorei roots. Others plundered the arcane research of their masters, learning its intricacies to one day turn it against them. Many trained as soldiers and saboteurs.

    The key idea for this expansion (and this was well before Wrath of the Lich King was announced, let alone Cataclysm) was that Azshara would use her powerful magic to shatter the ocean floor and raise much of the naga kingdom to the surface, flooding the coasts of the world; Nazjatar would be split in two, half of the massive city raised to the surface, where it would eventually be conquered and transformed into the central capital city for the expansion, while the other half would sink deep into the abyssal trench to become one of the final raid zones. As the naga began to invade Azeroth's mainland, the Deepborne would initiate their rebellion, freeing a region known as the Shattered Isles, raised to the surface nearby the Broken Isles and their ruins of Suramar.

    The visual style for both the naga and nazja'dorei (their clothing, weapons, and architecture) would be a fusion of ancient Greek and Indian aesthetics, with liberal use of shells, coral, kelp, barnacles, and other aquatic features. Temples with floors covered in shallow water, indoor and outdoor waterfalls, fountains, locations both on the surface and submerged (the nazja'dorei would naturally have improved swim speed and underwater breathing as racial abilities).

    At any rate, it's still a concept I'm rather attached to, all these years later.
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    i hope you are wrong. naga should not be playable. they are filthy creatures imo.
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    Well its not wrong, soo you insta loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    i hope you are wrong. naga should not be playable. they are filthy creatures imo.
    Don't like 'em? Don't play 'em. Naga are awesome, and one of Blizzard only originally developed intellectual properties. I've been wanting playable Naga since WCIII.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    i hope you are wrong. naga should not be playable. they are filthy creatures imo.
    They aren't as filthy as trolls or tauren who still live in huts made of sticks and animal skins.

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    I seriously doubt we're getting a new race for the third expansion in a row.

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    And i seriously doubt that we will get Demon hunter,(a monk whit glavies) tinker,(An engineer) bard,(a guy that sings) ranger (lolwut hunter?) and Necromancer (warlock whit skeletal minions).

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    May as well make the Satyrs playable at the same time, neither can be done (Alliance side at least) without even more gutting and butchering of the night elven lore than has already gone on. May as well add the Blood Elves back to the Alliance too since they're just wayward Night Elves at their core while were at it.

    I like the idea, but then I liked the idea of Worgen too until I saw how that turned out. Time will tell but none of this is enough for me to hang my hat on.

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    There's enough races getting completely overlooked as it is, focus on what we have first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    I seriously doubt we're getting a new race for the third expansion in a row.
    No reason not to, it's a solid selling point, offers further customization, incentive for people to reroll and spend more time playing... and doesn't have to go through tons of balancing like a class does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitei View Post
    No reason not to, it's a solid selling point, offers further customization, incentive for people to reroll and spend more time playing... and doesn't have to go through tons of balancing like a class does.
    There is a really big reason not to though.

    Lots of races have literally done nothing and had no presence in the game for years, or since they were put into it.

    Adding in another race just to sit on the sideline and get neglected isn't good storytelling.

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    While you could seriously use an editor for all the grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm one among (I think) many who finds the idea generally sound enough in nature. You did repeat one of the same racials twice, though, and only +15% swimming speed is far too low. I'd jack it up to +50% at least.

    And really, it would only take the right group of Naga (or the right leaders) to rebel against Queen Azshara. Maybe she utterly and completely slips into N'zoth's madness? Maybe they see what that truly means for the first time and decide they'd much rather fight against it? It would only be logical for them to go to the Alliance and Horde for help.

    I still back the idea of Naga as a Neutral Race! Maybe even a Neutral Hero Race, one that starts off at a higher level like 60 or 70 or something.

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    I really hope not, I have no clue why people want to play Naga at all.

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