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    Quote Originally Posted by Eren Yaeger View Post
    I can confirm that right now on the PTR that the Kor'Kron are still alive and there. Which is kinda sad cause I want them outta there ASAP
    well that effing sucks. Guess they can't do even the slightest thing to show this idiotic faction war has consequences outside of the SoO instance for the star children orc scum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    A tweet said Windrunner would kill them all before she came over to fight in org.
    one more dumb implication the devs aren't going to put into the game because "there's no gameplay value to it"

    there's no gameplay value to the story at any level it would seem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitehattori View Post
    The Kor'kron are removed from Undercity but blizz didn't have resources to make it ingame.
    I think they talked about possibly making a Scenario of it later though, would be nice to actually experience it.

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