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    Drop Bears
    Attumen: Hundreds of kills, no mount yet
    Rivendare: Took about 80-100 kills, got it
    White Hawkstrider: Less than 10 kills, got it
    Raven Lord: 10-20 kills, not yet (lazy)
    Ashes: 50-100 kills, got it (was drunk as hell that night too)
    Invincible: had it on farm when it was 100% but didn't get it (25 people yay), though I got it this week in my weekly solo!!!
    Zulian Tiger (old one): At least 50 kills, got it
    Onyxia Drake: Hundreds of kills, not yet

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    I also got Rivendare mount on my 2nd kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewski View Post
    I never grind for mounts. I once got the Swift Zulian Tiger by accident. Ran that raid once, it dropped & I won the roll.

    I don't see the point in farming for mounts, it would be disheartening to farm for a year and have it not drop.
    But imagine when it does drop... It's more rewarding when something drops after a lot of time and effort than going in and getting some 100% drop chance item on the 1st attempt.

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    Some months ago I said to myself, from this week onwards, I will farm The Eye to get the ashes mount, now matter how long it takes, I will farm this boss for a year if needed and I will fly this phoenix! So I went there and..................1 try it was all it took, was kinda funny to immediatly see it drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I make people mad View Post
    That's actually one of the rarest mounts in the entire game I've heard around 0.26% or something stupid I got mine woltk though not sure how many tries but I did it mostly every week

    If karazhan was only 5man instance soo we could do it once per day would be better but its raid soo longer wait time till reset

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    Baron's - this took over like 400 runs all of my characters together.

    HMGT - 3 months everyday.

    Ashes - I can't remember the exact number of runs, less than 20 i'm sure though.

    Midnight - didn't keep track of this as I wasn't really even running kara for midnight.

    Blue Proto - 20ish

    Brewfest mounts - obtained both at the same week last year.

    Headless Horsemen - 2 years ago.

    Onyxian Drake - got it two weeks ago after 10 or so runs
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    I got all my rare mounts without actually farming them.
    Fiery Warhorse: I was doing violet eye reputation on my alt, took me about five Attumen kills.
    Baron rivendare's mount: from LFG satchel
    Horseman's reins: last day of last year's halloween event (was hoping for helmet).
    ZG raptor: helping a friend with ZG (he wanted the tiger mount)

    If I don't care about something I get it, that sucks because I have been doing [email protected]#$ing cooking dailies for four years now and haven't seen recipe for delicious chocolate cake. I said to myself I won't quit wow until I get the recipe. Every day when I am at home I log on and do cooking dailies in Shattrath City and Dalaran. That's dedication !

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    I've had luck with mounts actually, like Rivendare, cata drakes and headless horseman. Got all on first drop, and weren't even looking for them.
    On the other hand, I needed to kill Razorgore maybe 25-35 times (lost count) to get myself an untamed blade. Because of the mechanics of that fight, you can't just walk over to him kill him in a few seconds like a normal boss at that level. Takes maybe 4-5 minutes of focused play and a little luck, so it's extra annoying to die.
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    I've never bothered with mounts, I pick one and stick with it 24/7 like my drake of the west wind.. it's nothing special but it works. Then I got my sparkly pony for no flying zones. I have never, not once, grind old content for a low drop chance item because lez be honest in this game that shit is retarded. 0.01% drop rate yeah no fucking thank you. Some people like it which is fine, but not me. Look at it this way, on my main I've been using a white griphon since BC until cata hit and I got those 2 mounts I mentioned. Yep.. that's how much I care lol.
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    Wanted to do Molten Core the other day on my DK and I happened to pass by Khara which gave me the idea of killing Attumen... And ofcourse, with my luck, it dropped.

    No need to say but I freaked the f*ck out

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    Farmed Karazhan like 10-20 times for my horse, I was actually waiting for our last spot to full up back in the old Dragon Soul days, in the group of 9 people and ran in solo to quickly get a kill, dropped for me, wierd thing was that I was on my rogue who had never run it before.

    Rivendares mount took probably 100 on my main, and 1 on my mage when I ran it for enchanting mats in WOTLK, never ever saw it on my main before BOA mounts came about.

    Blue proto took 20 runs to see two.

    Phoenix took 1 run.

    Brewfest mounts took a while because when I got them, they dropped from the boss itself.

    Horsemans reins I got on my hunter twice, my mage once, and my warrior once ( Back before they were BOA), my main had like 20 runs in it though.

    Onyxian Drake took me like 10.

    White Polar bear took me 1.

    White hawkstrider took me 2.

    Raven lord took me 27.

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    Didn't go after Attumens mount, but I got the Headless Horseman reins after 3 years. The only other mount that I really wanted was the Archy bug - got it in under 100 Tol Vir solves. Chasing mounts like the raven lord one tires me after 2 weeks on multiple chars - guess I don't want it THAT badly....

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    Half a year of dedicated weekly attempts on a few characters. Not much effort, its the first boss after all.

    Now ask me again how long I farmed for Geddon's bindings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    RNG seems to love you

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    ...I'm still farming it, I've been farming it for like 2/3 years now. A friend of my got it on his first try. I was so mad.

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    White Hawkstrider: I'm not sure because I killed Kael a ton of times after getting it so my Statistics aren't accurate
    Rivendare's Charger: 50 on my Druid 122 on my DK(Before Account Wide Mounts)
    Blue Proto: 107
    Anzu: Took me five months of off and on farming.
    Brewfest Mounts: Did Coren two years in a row
    Razzashi Raptor 2.0: 1
    I have a couple others, but I didn't track how many kills on them.

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    I got it after maybe 45-50 tries crossed over different characters.

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    Over 350 Attumen kills in 4-5 years now spread over 10 different chars. Sucks, but I'm hanging in there.

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    Got Rivendare's Deathcharger on my first solo of undead strat back in BC while farming large brilliant shards.
    Ashes dropped after my 17th solo kill of Kael in Cata.
    White Hawkstrider took 5 or 6 kills.
    Farmed Zulian Tiger for 2yrs on my rogue until it dropped, 3 days later I ran it on my newly dinged 80 prot pally and it dropped again...
    Now the fun ones.
    I did the polar bear daily quest every day for it after I opened the questline up something like 3 days into wrath, it appeared in a bag finally in the middle of CATA!
    Been farming Attunes mount on 7 to 10 characters for almost 3yrs weekly still no luck, I would say I have close to 1500 kills.

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    took me exactly 6 tries, prob my fastest besides my 1st run ever to hc sethekk halls when i got anzu when i didnt even want it in the first place :P

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