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    Fiery Warhorse's Reins

    I farmed it both @ lvl and solo for 6.5 years. Finally got it this past June.

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    I killed him countless times ever since he was current. Then I leveled a priest alt in cata, boom first time I kill him on that priest the mount drops.

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    I got White Hawkstrider first try, Green Proto Drake on my second egg, but every other mount, ive put in literally hundreds of runs and never seen them. Its really the most random, nonsensical thing

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    The only random drop mounts I don't have from old content are the roic only ones (raid and ZG), Experiment 12-b and Al'ar. I was quite frankly surprised at how quick I got the Fiery Warhorse (7 or 8 runs) and the Onyxian Drake (1 Run). I just finished up the 5 man drakes from cata over the last month, and got the Quiraji from Archaeology a few days ago. I actually hit 200 mounts yesterday, on my birthday no less. I fully admit I am lucky on some mounts, but some I've had to grind for. Rivendare took me 213 kills on my DK to get back in Cata, besides the 100+ kills on other toons from before.

    I got Aeonaxx... on the Pandaria Beta, so unfortunately it didn't count.

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    Little update, still didnt get Karazhan mount but today onyxia drake dropped, finally after soo much time lol.

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    I have never really strived for the Kara mount, but I have been in run with Friends that have gotten it in 2-3 pulls & some where it toke 6 months to a year.

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    My luck varies wildly for the mounts I've put effort into:

    Onyxia: about 40 tries
    Malygos mounts: about 35 tries
    Raven lord: 3 months on 4 toons daily
    Vitreous stone drake: less than 10 (solo) tries
    Green proto: about 5-6 eggs
    Pureblood firehawk: 3rd run (post-Cata)
    Blue proto: first try
    Polar bear: first try
    Grand black war mammoth: first try
    White hawkstrider: first try
    ZG raptor: 3rd try

    Karazhan mount: ~100 tries and counting
    Ashes: ~45 tries and counting
    ZG panther: about 40 solo attempts and counting
    Headless horseman/Brewfest ram/Big love rocket: multiple toons everyday of holiday for years and still nothing

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    Never did. Ran it twice a week for through Wrath (with help) then solo thru Cata. Never saw one drop, either when farming or back in BC when I was raiding it weekly.
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    I finally finally got Midnight last week. Was running it 19 times a week, got it on my 208th run since returning to the game (end of june), I easily did more than 1000 kills, likely closer to 2000. I used to run Kara up to 5 times a week during TBC. Solo'd through WotLK and Cata too.


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    i did it every now and then and as soon as account bound mounts were released i ran it on 7 differnet characters and got it on my 7th guy

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    Fiery Warhorse in about 40 tries.
    Swift White Hawk in about 60.
    Baron Rivendare's Charger in about 80.
    Blue Proto Drake in 200+ tries, grrrr.
    Drake of the North Wind on the second attempt! :-)

    Still farming Ony, Ashes, and Stonecore regularly.

    Cross realm servers pretty much made me give up on The Time Lost Proto Drake...

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    the horse from kara
    it dropped in my 2nd weekly solo, and i was farming the gun tbh.
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    Rivendare's mount is literally the only random drop mount that I've ever gotten, got it on my first rivendare kill about 7 years ago. I apparently used up all my RNG love with that 1 drop. Oh well.

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    Never really cared for it but once I helped a friend through Karazhan because he never got the chance to do it himself in the early days. The mount dropped but as the nice guy I am, I "gave" it to him. Never seen it since and he doesn't play anylonger not that I do either.

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    I got it the 3rd or 4th time there. I don't really remember because I wasn't really farming for it. Also having the halloween mount with a similar look but also being able to fly, the kara horse doesn't get much action. The most amount of time I have ever spent farming something was either the crimson whelpling or the emerald whelpling back in vanilla. I don't remember how much time I spent, but it was a hell of a lot of hours. For a mount, probably the raven lord took the longest for me.

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    I got firey warhorse first try, zulian tiger first try, anzu 3rd try (and 5th try), strat mount 5th try, alar took me quite some time, vitreous took me almost 100 kills, ony took me a while and just got it recently, im well over 115 kills for my blue proto and still havnt gotten it, and i've killed houlon almost 100 times now and no mount.

    im either very lucky or extremely unlucky.. its weird..

    edit: and with october right around the corner i just remembered. no HH mount after 3 years of 2-3 characters running it EVERY day EVERY year. friend got 5 of them one year, and i see atleast 4-5 people each year open their bag and get one before leaving the dungeon..
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    I saw it(Atumen) drop two times. First during the time when Mirkblood Event was live. And second during Cataclysm. My ExGf was always so frustrated because of her really, really bad internet connection so i went with her these old instances and brought her epic items from the AH. You know, happy girlfriend = no reason to shove her down the stairs
    Long story short, it dropped, i pass, sho won, was happy, no shoving, now i´m bitting my ass off, still farming this shit.
    Thanks jesus that she wasnt around when Alar dropped.

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    Went weekly from TBC 'til midway through Cataclysm, finally got it, went back in the next week and got a second one -_-"
    Its now sat in my bank because i cant bring myself to delete it!

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    I never farm those from hearing the horror stories, but I'd probably be one of those guys that get it in a few tries and feel bad for the people that spent years on it. Or, I'd get obsessed like many others and spend 2-3 years attempting.. fuck that lol.
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    My luck with mounts is really bad. I haven't really kept track on which attempt it took me to get what mount, but going from top of my head for this

    Onyxia: ~60-70 tries
    Malygos mounts: ~10 tries
    Raven lord: 2 months daily
    Vitreous stone drake: done around 200 runs, still nothing
    Green proto: haven't gotten yet
    Pureblood firehawk: first heroic kill rolled 100
    Blue proto: has to be more than 100, got it finally during ICC times when was gearing my 2nd warrior
    Polar bear: Hundreds of times, lost count on it.. got it during cata and did it daily till then with multiple characters
    Grand black war mammoth: during Wotlk, around 50th run with all my chars and rolled 100
    White hawkstrider: Over a month of daily grinding
    ZG raptor: 40-50 tries
    ZG panther: 14 tries
    ZG tiger: ~200 tries
    ZG raptor(old): never saw it from doing it around 400 times(really wanted it)
    Ashes: few hundred tries, finally got 2 weeks ago
    Baron mount: Gave up after a year of random ammount of tries daily

    Still grinding: Alysrazor and Karazhan mounts, with 10 chars weekly on Karazhan, and I still haven't seen that mount

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