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    How long did you farm...

    Hello everyone!

    I am wow player since release, playing everything from pvp to pve, raids, grinding etc...

    As for grinding i like collecting mounts, and i was wondering how long did it take for You guys to get Karazhan Horse? o.O

    I was farming it since Cataclysm with 10 chars ( soo weekly 10 times ) and i still didnt get it lol, but most time it took me to get Barons Undead Horse from Stratholme, was grinding that one since vanilla and got it in WotLK thats just insane haha

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    I am Murloc! Azutael's Avatar
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    I got that one rather quickly, just had to kill attumen a couple of times.

    Though I still haven't gotten the death-charger reins from stratholme, or ravenlords rains from sethekk halls. And I have pretty much cleared those at least a couple of times every week for many many years..

    So RNG is a bitch, that's what we have learned.

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    The Lightbringer Blufossa's Avatar
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    I farmed the two ZG mounts for about two years and didn't see squat. Soooo, it's purely RNG loot to me. =/

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    Idk, 5-6 kills?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    Idk, 5-6 kills?
    You might want to consider buying lottery ticket hehehe

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    Kara mount took 40ish kills, Rivendare mount I got in a tank reward bag - also got the Magisters Terrace and Blue Proto Drake mounts the same way.

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    I'm at well over a hundred runs combined over multiple toons, still no fiery warhorse. Ran TK first time ever on my paly and ashes drop so I guess things even out.

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    I kill him every week on 5-10 characters (depends on if my second account is up) barring the few months I just took off from the game. I probably have a combined 1,000 kills, and have yet to see that stupid horse.
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    I got my first horse off Attumen back during BC. I got my second one in WotLK, I think (early Cata at the latest).

    Of course, now mounts are account wide, so ... that second one was a bit of a waste :P

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    I started farming it during mid-wotlk if im not mistaken. It took me around 7 solo weeks to get it. I saw it a 2nd time while farming rep there and doing the Kirin Tor chain quests.

    I'm still farming the Rivendare's Deathcharger though... almost 300 kills now..

    P.S.: oh, and i got the Black War Mammoth from VoA today ^^

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    Still haven't, and I was running Karazhan pretty regularly all through BC. Although I'm not regularly farming or going out of my way for it these days. I have seen it drop several times but never won the roll on it.

    I still have overall shit luck when it comes to mounts. I've been regularly farming the Baron's mount in Strat for several years now and still have yet to get it. Only time I ever saw it drop was back in Classic at level 60 (ie, the place required a group to run), and I lost the roll on it. I got Rivendare's Runeblade a couple years ago. Got really excited when I looted him and saw a purple item, and it turned out to not be the mount. :|

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    Haven't got it yet, the stats page doesn't show Attumen so I can only guess at the number, certainly above a thousand.

    I returned to the game 3 month ago from a 7 month break, and in the last 3 month alone have done it 194 times.

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    I never grind for mounts. I once got the Swift Zulian Tiger by accident. Ran that raid once, it dropped & I won the roll.

    I don't see the point in farming for mounts, it would be disheartening to farm for a year and have it not drop.

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    Ran kara every week back in TBC, on multiple characters and never seen it drop at all.

    Started farming it mid WOTLK every week till December last year when it finally dropped, first and only one I have seen drop since I started doing Kara in TBC. So a boat load of kills... never thought I'd finally get it

    I can't complain though, I got ashes after 5 kills, and Anzu and my hawkstrider on first farm kills

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    ive been farming kara for god knows how long, UD strat for same, ashes dont even wanna talk about that, got anzu on my 5th try havent seen the white hawkstrider drop never had or even seen any of the zg mounts drop.... got the za mount just cuz i won the roll so ive been rather unlucky
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    Damn, looks like alot of ppl are unlucky like me

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    That's actually one of the rarest mounts in the entire game I've heard around 0.26% or something stupid I got mine woltk though not sure how many tries but I did it mostly every week

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    It must have taken over a 100 tries for me, at the end I had 11 characters farming it. To save time, I just did it on them right before reset and parked them outside, then did it again on all of them the next day. Doing it this way saved a lot of time traveling to the deadwind pass.
    Don't be afraid of doing it on a character that is low level, I did it in cata with my level 80 warrior herald twink.

    The Stratholme mount also took a long long time for me, at around 120 tries.

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    Over 180 Kills across all my toons, no mount --;

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    ZG was a pain for me, took me at least a year of solo'ing in wrath to obtain my Tiger mount. Took me about a year of 2 toons a day to obtain the panther. Then started solo farming raptor after i was 90 and could burst him before the decapitate and I literally just got the raptor yesterday (9/8/13)

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