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    immerseus heal idea

    normally i'm playing disc in my raid. what i think about is speccing on holy for immerseus with dd trinkets. Here are the options:

    1. I'm playing disc, do my ~50-60k dps through attonement and play the boss like a normal disc
    2. i specc on holy, put on dd trinkets, do my 100-120k dps in phase 1 and switch to healing when phase 2 is beginning or later in the fight when in phase 2 are more blue ones to heal

    While in nhc it doesn't really matter i think, maybe this could be a little help on heroic to support the dmg of the group and also heal when it is needed.

    What do you think of this ?

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    Isn't there damage to heal throughout the whole fight?

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    Personally im gonna play Disc and take like 3-4 dmg adds and 3-4 healing adds solo (obv the numbers are random but ill basically take a a 5th of the room alone with halo and atonement and fdcl specced. This way what i do is i pre halo all of them this normally puts the dps ones at around 60-70% health and healing ones at around 30-40% this is very good as an initial slow on them. After that you just penance on cd and atonement whatever you can and using any fdcl procs you get on healing adds. Dont forget that right after you halo you need to move towards the the healing adds so you are close to them and get the buff.
    At the end of the fight its not likely you will have halo up for every wave due to how fast the transitition between P1 and P2 can be so make sure you inform your raiders on that.
    To be honest though if all of your raiders knows exactly how to take care of as many blobs as possible its not rly hard to get 20 stacks removed which as i understood it is the most you can remove per phase(gets less depending on how many phases you have been in.) the average number of phase 2 you have seems to be around 6-7 though.
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