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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerrol View Post
    With Flex items beating out heroic ToT items by 5 item levels, I hope that Blizzard considers this enough and doesn't percentage nerf ToT. I can't recall any mention of this, but I may have just missed it.
    There's a 20% nerf coming to ToT with 5.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valaras View Post
    Here's the deal. On T14 and T15 we didn't have any percentage nerf
    T14 is 10% nerfed and T15 will be 20% nerfed tommorow
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuttle View Post
    Right here.

    5.5 will introduce epic gems.
    because like +300 main stat + 600 2nddary when people will be runing tith 30k stats will be significant nerf -_- keep dreaming -_-

    Quote Originally Posted by Amerrol View Post
    They'd be stupid to introduce a straight percentage nerf to SoO when it is current since they have managed nerfs so well this expansion
    they managed it so well that raiding population is dying out faster then ever before - indeed well managed -_-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galufio View Post
    T14 is 10% nerfed and T15 will be 20% nerfed tommorow
    Ok yeah I meant there was no percentage nerf while the tier is still relevant.

    Quote Originally Posted by WskyDK View Post
    To the first point, you're going to need to back this up, else you're talking out your ass. There are plenty of guilds who clear it without their metas/cloaks. Saying they only cleared it is ignorant.

    To the second point, I'll concede they balance raids around the TOP END of the spectrum, based on the top guilds. But you weren't talking about the top end of the spectrum, you were talking mid to lower end, which they most certainly do not balance around the world first guilds.

    FYI Item upgrades were introduced in 5.1 during t14. You can argue all you want, but the reason there were less people clearing t14HM is likely due to the fact that it's more difficult to progress in a raid tier where all your previous gear was dungeon gear; than it is to enter a raid in full raid gear.
    You say the things that you say yet I'm the ignorant one? I get the feeling that you don't even read what I type, you understand your own thing and comment based on that. Yes there are guilds that cleared ToT HC without meta/cloaks, but that was mostly the top 50 in the world (which my guild happens to be part of). What I was talking about is guilds that just recently cleared ToT (say in the past month or so). Go check on wowprogress any guild around world 1000. Maybe there are a couple of exceptions but most of those had an average guild ilvl close to 540 and yeah that includes legendary meta and cloak, maybe very few chars didn't have it cause they were a reroll/took a break from the game but that's it.

    Also, yes item upgrades were introduced in 5.1 I am well aware of that, but they didn't also introduce the legendary meta gems which absolutely SKYROCKET the performance of your raid (608 cloak is also a 15-20k DPS increase as well). I remember Durumu HC specifically. On our first kill which was without any metas, we killed it like 30 seconds before the enrage, like 9.30 kill. After like half the raid got their metas, we instantly started killing it like 2 minutes faster.

    Anyway the discussion here is not going at all where I intended, there was only one person who actually got what I meant
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    minor ability damage nerf in a couple months, whole raid % nerf as in both other tiers in 5.5. interesting to see if the ahead of the curve achiev will become unobtainable in 6.0 or 5.5 tho (5.5 would make sense with nerfs obv.)

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    If Flex does ok, probably no nerfs for a while (5.5?).

    If Flex disappoints, who knows what they'll do? Things could get really ugly. People who do LFR need to be able to (and wanting to) quickly move into Flex, otherwise they are at risk of ending their expansion right there.

    One thing I halfway expect them to do is greatly nerf the legendary chain, if participation there falls off.
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    Guys yeah the flex argument applies mostly to normal modes. HC guilds, no matter if they are good enough to clear HC content fast or not, won't really have any interest whatsoever in Flex no matter how hard the instance is on heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dainwork View Post
    As stated, VP/legendary will nerf content by a lot, but unlike previous tiers T16 will start 'nerfed'. So the question is whether or not they'll balance around a presumed ilvl of *average-joe-ilvl+8*
    Of course they will, otherwise the PTR wouldn't have been scaled to 520ilvl for normal testing. The OP has clearly forgotten that Blizzard tunes around the average player, not the above average ones.
    As for Hardcore guilds clearing an expansion ending boss, and being bored: Welcome to Northrend.
    No one here is arguing that T16 will be gear nerfed, but it's not going to happen anywhere near how fast you think it is for the average guild. Sure stockpiling 3k valor will help when you get a new item. IF you get the new item.
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    Considering Flex *is* the nerfed to 25% version of raid, I really hope gear upgrades are the only "nerfs" in line.

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    My guild is a semi-hardcore 10/13 25man guild, and we intend to have a look at flex first tomorrow before our thursday-raid.

    Im also pretty sure gear-upgrades will still be the only "nerf" while the content is relevant.

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    They might throw in a nerf when the pre-expansion patch hits live or something in the lines of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valaras View Post
    However, on 5.4 we will:
    a) Get the legendary cloaks on the first week
    b) Be allowed to upgrade our gear from week one, which, if you stacked 3k valor is enough to fully upgrade 6 new items on week one
    Does the new gear actually have upgrades? And are you sure you will get 6 new items in week 1?

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    I dont see any valid reason to nerf HC modes ever.

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    Previous tiers HAVE been nerfed in MoP:
    - All enemies in Throne of Thunder now have a debuff called Shado-Pan Onslaught, which reduces their health and damage by 20%.

    Taken from official patch notes. Something similar is written in 5.2 patch notes as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guzacon View Post
    Previous tiers HAVE been nerfed in MoP:
    - All enemies in Throne of Thunder now have a debuff called Shado-Pan Onslaught, which reduces their health and damage by 20%.

    Taken from official patch notes. Something similar is written in 5.2 patch notes as well.
    As has been stated previously, the topic refers to relevant tier nerfs. Such as Firelands 20% nerf during 4.2 or the ICC/DS buffs.

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    With how long this tier is likely to last, I'd imagine in a few months we will see a 5 percent nerf, then 10 a month later, and so on.

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