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  • Make a new account

    30 12.61%
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    12 5.04%
  • Buy a new account (illegally)

    8 3.36%
  • Don't know

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    If your account got banned, and you couldn't get it back...

    ... what would you do?

    This thought just hit me in my boredom.
    Say you got banned (entire account), for whatever reason (or none at all), and you had no chance of getting it back, Customer Support isn't able to lift the ban and Blizzard refuses for unknown reasons.
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    Spend a couple months saving up for wow and all expansions, buy them and level a new character.

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    Quit the game
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    I would probably quit. Losing all the work I've put into my characters and all the things I have on my main that have been removed from the game and are no longer obtainable would be devastating.

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    As for WoW, I'd most likely quit. But I'd be really tempted to buy whole SC2 line again.

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    Quit the game. Not going to buy all the xpacs, level up all over again etc etc. Fuck that.

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    I dont know, anyone who just strait out say" i quit the game" if that was peoples attitude then they wont have quit a long time ago. Added to the SO many lurckers who stay on a wow forum just to spred hate about how awfull it is. But i dont know, i think i would have to buy a new account

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    I still really enjoy the game, but not enough to spend another god knows how much money and time rebuilding what I already had. So yeah, I'd probably just stop.

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    Quit the game... I'd be so upset loosing characters I've had for 8 years or so, I wouldn't have the heart to start again...

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    Basically I was caught botting, well someone else was botting for me but it hardly mitigates the fact. After a while I levelled a new character out of boredom. In the end I actually had the permanent ban overturned though and got my account back, which I was delighted about as that account had all the memories on, sadly a lot of my old gear had been deleted by the botting program!

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    I'd quit. I'm not as attached to the game as I am to my characters, if you can even use the word "attached" in that regard. Either way, I wouldn't see any reason to start again from scratch.

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    I got banned in Vanilla for exploiting and hacking right after Naxx patch, bought a new account when TBC came.
    Thought it was a perma ban, but the account is unbanned and my old lvl 60 Rogue now transfered to my "main" account.

    I would just probably quit now if I got banned.

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    Open up all windows, turn the volume up to 11 and sing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fae View Post
    As for WoW, I'd most likely quit. But I'd be really tempted to buy whole SC2 line again.
    if you got banned. only your WOW would be banned, not your entire account :P

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    Somehow I suspect all the "quit the game" votes wouldn't quite pan out that way in the long-term.

    Short-term, yes. Long-term... you can't resist! Or, put another way, while it would suck to lose everything ... the game is still the same, and it's still fun to play, even if you're starting over from scratch. I think a lot of people would discover that as they started to miss the gameplay and tried it out again on a fresh account.

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    quit and play something new

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    I would quit.. it would be a good opportinity to stop with gaming alltogether i think.. sell my computer, and get a mac
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    I play for the social experience and together with my gf so I'd prolly get another account. While I've got items and achievments on my mains that I'd hate to lose that's not what is tying me to the game so I'd be irritated about it but it wouldn't make me stop playing.

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    I'd... experience sunlight.

    Really though, probably quit. It's what brings us all back from other MMOS, the history with your toons, the achievements etc. Most of the newer MMOs are all Everquest clones (wow, rift, aion, swtor etc) that if it happened in one of those games, not as big of a deal (I had max or near max in each) but for WoW... much longer history, characters, etc. To start over on a new server is one thing, there are things to help. A full on new account? Full purchase of the game/xpacs... yeah, that might be the end of the line for me.

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