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    An Idea To Help Immersion/World PvP

    So whilst studying, I drifted off into reminiscing about vanilla.

    World PvP and the level of immersion was definitely the driving component to nostalgia for majority of the public who played Vanilla save for the few who hated getting ganked.

    What if people queue'd for 'World PvP' and instead of being instanced, they get a huge message that pops up to join a raid group with a message popping above your character saying where numerous generals and lieutenants of your faction have gathered to take over a town in an old world area (Westfall, Hillsbrad, Crossroads, etc).

    Players then have 20min to travel to the land and secure their spot in the war effort. Here's the catch: similarly to how they phased Battlefield: Barrens is how they'll phase these attacks (levels 70+ that have their stats and levels averaged upon who queues, although still a part of the world.
    Using siege weapons provided, you then attack the leader of the town in Alterac Valley style, and the winning factions receives reputation with the Alliance/Horde Offensive (a new faction) and honor/conquest.

    I'm not a Pvp'er, so I'm not sure the rewards, but regardless I think this is a pretty neat idea after a few im provisions. Any thoughts?

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    I think back then some players merely engaged in world PvP because it was the only kind of PvP available.

    Blizzard has thus far shunned the idea of "organized" world PvP, ostensibly because in their minds "real" world PvP can't have organization or structure--it can only ever be players randomly encountering each other and attacking.

    I'm not saying I necessarily agree with that mindset, but I do think we will likely never see any sort of organized world PvP functionality in this game.

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