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    Quote Originally Posted by IRunSoFarAway View Post
    In WoW? Nothing.
    Watch out guys, we have a badass rebel over here.

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    Making sure everything is in tack.

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    Have not logged on in 5 months

    so ill be playing other video games like I have been

    2013, WoW is not interesting any more for me.
    Free-To-Play is the future.

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    Forums. Probably some random nonsense...reading...sleeping and waking up to a new patch. Servers will likely still be down for extended maintenance because of some problem or other. Finding something else to do. TF2 maybe.

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    I will be playing tera before and after the patch , i may come back to wow next xpac tho but i dont know, the game is just boring as frig now and the new raid doesnt excite me at all , also the timeless isle sounds like a waste of resources imo. If they made some 5 mans i prob would be back already but nope.

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    nothing - lost guild so can't really raid other than flex/lfr which means I dont have to do any reading up!

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    waiting for warchief selection cinematic to get leaked :| it's live on us atm right?
    adn having a panic attack because stocked a lot of stuff and everything is getting cheaper

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    I got my 200 mount achievement on the 8th (my birthday) and an maxing out my final profession (engineering, though I'll be leveling one Engi for each type). My last thing to do before patch was get all my toons the hell out of SW/Org and the Shrines so I don't get hammered as hard when I log in later today.

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    playin rift until the patch works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I make people mad View Post
    I got honestly nothing to do -.- well maybe Dark souls other then that nothing truly btw Muto

    Soul link nerf? You must be insane It's BETTER.
    Turns out I was right, Soul Link sucks now. My Voidlord died so quick to a Warbringer...

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