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    So apparently I am a psycho because I PVP for the wrong reasons

    After 5.4 I've been mostly world PVPing in timeless island. I didn't manage to get my own group so far to farm bloody coins and I am not sure I will. I don't like the mount much. I am more after the actual PVP.

    I met numerous groups which killed me more than I killed them (I was outnumbered) and it was a blast.

    Until I met a group of really good players whom I just couldn't kill. I couldn't lure them away from their group they would stick as a team and kill everything in their path. So I am like there is only one way to kill them; to make my own group.

    So I start looking in general until I get a few hateful whispers:

    "You must be mental. Those people (rightfully) farm bloody coins and you are not. You just want to make their life miserable. You don't do it for the coins. You are a very mean person who has issues and you should look it up"

    What happened to World PVP for fun?
    What happened to red is dead?

    Is a reward after World PVP more righteous than a fun after World PVP?
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    A Daily quest is about as much effort as organizing 20 people.
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    Brian may answer differently, but I would say mages are hard to counter for average players but easy for great players.

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    Those people who whispered you are overly sensitive. They're the ones who are mental. Don't see nothing wrong with what you were doing. Keep on truckin'. I heard that phrase somewhere....

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    Well I'dd join you in a second.
    I once spent 9 hours with a few buddies, putting Gadgetstan under quarantine.
    Only because I got farmed 3 times by a 90, whilst lvling an alt. It was full on vengeance to the entire horde there.
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    Personally, i feel this game is full of people who are terrible at pvp. But really, this game was centered around pvp so i understand why they complain. I do agree with you though, "red is dead" FOR THE MOST PART. grieving people is weak, but there is nothing wrong with killing someone once or twice, or killing someone who is after the same mobs you are.

    Its simple really... Dont like world pvp? Dont flag or move to a PvE server.

    Accidentally got flagged? go take your dog for a walk and come back in 5mins. People need to stop crying about it.

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    i world pvp for fun, one of the things i do most on this game.

    if i get an angry whisper it's just a bonus. now allowing me to gank my own faction is just amazing.
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    You're not a psycho, whoever whispered you is just one of those casual types who think PvP is only justified for the end result (gear and titles). I PvP to make others angry/quit the game in rage. I love ruining other people's enjoyment of the game by killing them mercilessly over and over.

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    Anyone who PvPs for the sake of PvP and not some prizes or w/e, espeacially on a lv90 zone against good geared players is a DAMN GOOD GUY in my book. I not only salute you, but I wish more people would be like you. My friend (if I may call you that), you are the dying breed and the last of the true pvpers.
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    Mate, they are the retarded ones.

    I can understand if you were killing lowbies just for fun; but you're killing capped characters, they are completely able to fight back, so you're not being a duck at all.

    I actually made a couple of new friends this way on my server, especially if you find a smart wat to fuck someone over like knocking them off the ropepuzzle or mindcontrolling into horribly strong mobs, I will go out of my way to whisper you and have a nice chat, it's serious fun.

    Tl;dr: fuck the haters, play your game.

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    The most "retarded psychos" are those who come here to complain about normal situations on a PvP server and ask for changes aka more protection mechanics. They basically want to turn a PvP server into a PvE server, because they can't leave due to their friends also being there or whatever, so everyone else who likes PvP should be punished with PvE rules and mechanics in world PvP. There'a new thread each week about that topic.

    I rarely find like-minded players who want to do some world PvP action in those crowded PvE areas that come with each new patch. No one wants to do PvP for nothing, if it doesn't reward epix then it's a waste of time in the eyes of like 95% of player base. On the other hand, I could write a book about the insults and mad whispers I get within 2 hours of world PvP. So don't bother about those people.

    People are weird, they don't consider pure fun as a worthwhile reward.

    Still, for me the most fun in WoW is non consensual PvP. That's why I am on a PvP server. I want to feel like a hunter, and hunting is never consensual.
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    what you're doing sounds like fun to me.. I purposely made Alliance on Blackrock just so I could gank people since the Alliance is crazy out numbered.

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