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    I'm Barack Obama and I Approve of Patch 5.4

    "You didn't build that. Someone else made that happen." -Barack Hussein Obama

    My disgust with Blizzard today knows no bounds. 5.4 is the end of the line for me.

    I have played this game on and off since 2007 and my time in this game has been passed with high end raiding (Not this expansion.), PVP, twinking and leveling alts. I've transmog farmed for months and done more sets on more toons than I can count. I did obscure things like the D2 quest line during TBC. My proudest feat of strength is doing the Dreadsteed quest with the original set of mats. Today I completed the legendary cloak quest line. Bottom line, I've always enjoyed "hard work" in this game if the reward was worth it.

    That was taken away from us today in one fell swoop. Now, mediocrity rules the roost and WoW is on a mission to make everyone equally miserable. There are no rich; no poor, hard work and personal initiative are now things of the past.

    Did you level your professions to 450 at 65? 525 at 75? 600 at 80? Guess what, too bad. You don't get those tailoring spell threads anymore, you're nerfed! Your nice ring enchants? Screw you buddy, you're nerfed! Did you invest your Justice points in epic gems for your 60-80? Screw you buddy, you're nerfed! Did you hold on to all those enchanting mats from past expansions? Enchant requires a level 35, 60 or 300 item? Screw you buddy, you're nerfed! Yes, regardless of meeting the item level to place the enchant on an item what shows up on your items is not what the scroll said it was.

    Blizzard has decided that no one should stand out. No one should be rewarded for knowing the game, how to maximize your character, no rewards for dozens of hours and tens of thousands in gold for being ahead of the curve. Nope, you're all the same; you're all equally crappy now.

    No one can stand out. There can be no more players with 50-70 KB's in leveling BG's by doing all they can to maximize their performance. No! Do not act as a beacon of hope and a model for other players to emulate! You'll make the hunter in spirit gear feel bad!

    This is ultimately the dream of all progressives; we can have no individual exceptionalism! No one can stand out! There can only be a mass of everyone is equal, everyone is good and everyone at the end of the day must have their self-esteem preserved and get a trophy!

    I wish I could say I'm surprised by this but I'm not. This game is merely a reflection of society as a whole. The individual must be hammered down. The great must be made to give up their station in life earned by hard work, initiative and creativity. The hunter in spirit gear demands it.

    Now you're all Obama phone owners because the guys that had the super cool iPhone or Galaxy had their features taken away. Grats, now go enjoy some government cheese.

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    Wall O' Text from an angry republican in the deep south. I didn't read it by the way.

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    It's just a game, go play another one ><

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    I still stand out OP don't know about you :O

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    It was a pretty creative QQ, I'll give that to OP.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    It doesnt destroy the land to bury styrofoam 25 feet below the ground
    Today Obama once again kneeled at the altar of environmental naziism and hurt this once great country. He has now banned all drilling in the Atlantic Ocean

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    I really don't see this going anywhere.

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