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    Stand out melee DPS so far in PvP?

    Anyone noticing any stand outs so far?
    For myself I feel 1000% better now that my DK's major defensive isn't tied to RP.
    Plus QOL with pet abilities and ect.
    Plus my Ret self heals feel even more underwhelming thanks to battle fatigue.

    But neither of the two classes I play feel over the top so far.

    What are your guys thoughts so far?

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    Ret pala's seem to be pretty on the spot.
    The new inquisition is a blessing, and the buffs to eternal flame make it a pretty nice hot compared to sacred shield that is now doing nothing anymore.

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    Warrior looks pretty strong atm.

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    Warrios and Rets are probably the 2 strongest.

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    I been playing some BGs on WW and DK and I think there is no way to know. Fatigue and Res levels are meant for players in 522 gear, not 496. I think right now any assumptions you can make will be gone once everyone is geared up again. Melee are pretty much on par with each other right now though with the exception of ferals, who got overnerfed. Rogue, Ret, DK, Enhance, Warrior and WW are all in good spots compared to each other. None of them are as good as the hunter/lock/mage/ele overlords though...

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    Warrior is back to godmode again. Insane damage, insane surv, insane mobility and insane control.

    Rank 1 this season = Warrior/Healer/X

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltyharbls View Post
    Warrior is back to godmode again. Insane damage, insane surv, insane mobility and insane control.

    Rank 1 this season = Warrior/Healer/X
    Couldn't agree more, as WW I can beat a warrior but it is a hell of a lot harder then before.

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    warrior > ret > Rogue - Id say currently

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    wait im confused, so because you could faceroll and kill a warrior last patch and now you have to work for it warriors are god mode?

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    Lol warriors got minor damage buffs and some quality of life and minor control buffs and suddenly they go from last to godmode. How about warriors are good if the warrior is good, its the same as before. This isn't 5.0 all over, warriors got the changes they needed to be competitive. They are supposed to feel strong; they are the only melee that is purely a melee. They are completely punished for being cc'd or off target so played well they can dominate. Warriors are in a good spot.

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    Random poster: "X is the best melee atm"
    Person who plays X: "omg are you stupid? X isnt good u need to l2p!!11"

    X is the current fotm in any season. Say that its op and there will be tons of people thats playing X saying that you are bad.

    Thats how these threads usually end im afraid :/

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    A hunter standing in melee range.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    What's this based on, sorry? 1v1 duels or highly erratic and subjective battlegrounds?

    At this stage, at this gear level, anything other than 3v3 War Games should go out the window. Anything with 3v3 War Games needs more than a grain of salt.
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    Surprisingly arms warriors, hard to kill and they have a decent damage output.
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    Warriors finally have good damage, but it's not close to overpowered. The only thing, and I am not even sure about that, that could be toned down is survivability. I count it as a trade off for having no utility of rest melee classes.

    Warrior's damage buffs are buffs to sustained damage mostly, it will be nice seeing strong dot ticking when on higher rated arena, as a warrior you'll stay in roots endlessly like you did before. Other changes, like lack of shield requirment for reflect is only quality of life improvement. Shield Wall will let you stay offensive now, in previous patches SW felt like not touched since TBC - it was so outdated mechanic.

    It's finally gonna be good season for warriors. I feel they're in right spot - you should be scared of them as much as you're scared when you're facing other classes.

    And about the topic - I'd say stand out melee is still Retribution paladin and feral, Cyclone change was nerf to 1500 druids. Then you have rest of the pack, just a little behind them. We have to wait till arena season tho.

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