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    Question Some battleground questions by a returning player

    After burning out on GW2 I think about going back to wow pvp, but I have a few questions first:

    1. How are Windwalker monks, Ret Paladins and Warriors in (non-rated) battlegrounds? Fun? Viable? How will they be in 5.4? (Those are the only classes that interest me now)
    2. Can you still use all the engineering gadgets in normal battlegrounds?
    3. Do you have to do arena and/or rated battlegrounds to get good gear for normal battlegrounds? Or can I simply do normal bgs and get good gear at a slower rate? I don't like all the organizational hassle that comes with arena and rgbs.
    4. Are heroic dungeon / LFR drops viable for pvp? AFAIK they removed the resilience from PVP gear and gave it to players innately right?
    5. How long does it take for a fresh 90 to get some gear for BGs so I don't simply get farmed by higher geared players and have a fighting chance?

    Thanks in advance
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    1) With gear and CDs they're pretty insane in BGs. And by insane I mean total BS to fight against.
    2) Yes
    3) You can get conquest to your cap now from doing BGs but it will take a lot longer then just doing 10 Arena 2v2 wins.
    4) No to heroic dungeons and sort of to LFR gear. But unless you're already geared on the toon you will be grinding PVE for gear when you could just go grind in PVP. Crafted gear is a decent jumping off point.

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    1. Both fun and viable. WW and rets are getting buffed for 5.4
    2. Yes. But there are restrictions. Hold the flag while using rocket boots result in losing the flag. Just like if a rogue vanishes with the flag.
    3. You dont have to but it's faster. You get conquest for winning random battlegrounds.
    4. They are viable but pvp gear is still better, not counting wpvp.
    5. New players receive a huge conquest cap, so you can get almost full pvp gear in a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spraxle View Post
    3) You can get conquest to your cap now from doing BGs but it will take a lot longer then just doing 10 Arena 2v2 wins.
    Bolded for emphasis, though I suppose it's not that bad if that's how you spend almost all of your game time.

    For 5, Malevolent will be craftable with 5.4 and I would recommend picking that up (though not necessarily bothering to gem and enchant with how quickly you'll replace it). A good alternative for the more gear-dependent classes was to get a few pieces through JP conversion but that's seeing a hard nerf and I should think it will be more efficient to do BGs even if the w-l ratio isn't that great. It might be less painful, given the classes you've chosen to hook up with four others for some partial premades just to get started. OQueue's decent for that if you don't have buddies/PvP guild but for some reason, the trend seems to be to want BiS for randoms, for the roflstomping, I assume.

    Playing a few hours for the last week, I've put a naked rogue in full Mal + Tyr daggers BUT it's a lot less gear-dependent in regards to efficiency (cc whore ftw). Still, I'd think you could knock just about any class out in a week if you just want your honor set. Hang with the pack, etc.

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    1. They are viable enough to have fun with, no worries.

    2. Yes.

    3. You can earn conquest points doing randoms, but it will be extremely slow. The honor gear is plenty good though, so no big deal.

    4. Raid finder gear is alright, but no point. It would be easier to just get honor gear.

    5. It takes forever as always, but there are elites and dailies, not to mention Tol Barad and Wintergrasp, that can speed the process along.

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    1. WW / Ret / Warrior can all be very deadly in random BGs, I'd say Ret > War > WW, although WW is very good for 1v1 and escaping

    2. Yes

    3. You can BUT it will be extremely slow, it will take you 15 weeks of winning 29-36 BGs per week, 29 if you get the daily win all 7 days, assuming you start on week 1 of a season which means no catch up bonus

    4. PvE trinkets are definitely good in pvp. 1 Primary Stat = 3 pvp power so the PvP power trinkets are terrible.

    5. You can farm the entire honor set in a weekend if you play the CTA a lot, to get the best gear see #3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aven Reddins View Post
    1. WW / Ret / Warrior can all be very deadly in random BGs, I'd say Ret > War > WW, although WW is very good for 1v1 and escaping
    I'll have to disagree with you on this. I think it's more of WW = Ret in PvP. Thing is, as ret you can tank more damage without dying, but when you're cornered there's absolutely no way to escape. For example today I was doing temple of kotmogu. I was fighting a BM hunter with no defensive CDs so I was kiting him around healing myself. Thing is, the pet basically solod me because my heals couldn't outheal me. If I was playing on my monk I could've parad the hunter, rooted the pet and roll away while spamming my orbs.

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    Don't forget that palas will get a fear added to their table=) I agree that both have a lot of tools for sticking on the target but monk definitely has a better means of escape (preemptive transcendence is hard to top what with it ignoring walls and all that).
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