Hi everyone.

We all grew to hate the competition there is when it comes to Warbringers. When you tag one, you can see the swarm of mounted players behind you that waits for you to die, like vultures. Sometimes there's the obnoxious guy that keeps inviting you, or the guy that still tries to reset your mob (to no avail), or even the good hearted hero that helps you without wanting anything.

I bet everyone has a story to tell about their Warbringers kills. So here's mine:

In the beginning, i used to invite people to my Warbringer kills. But i stopped the day i met a hunter...
So i was fighting the rare, and this guy invited me. Sure, why not. I accept.
As soon as the mob dies... he puts master looter on, which leaves me with chills for a moment. Luckily, no mounts dropped, and he tried acting as if he wanted to actually hand the loot honestly.

This was one of my early kills, which made me a jaded player not inviting others. This brings me to my new experience:
Was fighting a rare. An invite pops up. I decline. It pops up again. I decline again. If there's something i cannot stand, it's people inviting without uttering a word. And so he did.
"Pls accept" "inv we are 3". I recognized him as one of the guys that some months ago tried to reset a Warbringer i was killing, and at that time i was forced to accept the invite.
So i put him on ignore, looted my mob. No mount, but the Big Bag.

Now that i've managed to get all three mounts... i believe this farm made me a worse person. I find myself often pretending i'm in a LFR queue and so i cannot invite anyone. And you know what, for as long as there will be people getting offended over not being invited, i'll keep it up. Sadly

Do you have any stories to share?