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    Quote Originally Posted by Crookids View Post
    First, have you ever tried playing a toon starting at level 80? I have via RaF and it took me hours to get my grips around knowing the class to start leveling towards 81.

    Second, this is a subscription based MMO. Why should someone who already pays have to be subject to someone having more level 90 toons because they paid more? Players should be rewarded by how much time they put in ONLINE not OFFLINE. I am completely against anything that is rewarded outside of PLAYING the game. A subscription based game should be fair to all subscribed. Yes there are heirlooms and RAF, but those things are free and can be attained by anyone PLAYING the game.
    #1, I've played starting at 80. It wasn't the easiest thing to do, but you pick up the basics pretty damn fast. Especially since there's an in-game simple guide now.

    #2, Why does the number of 90 toons matter? If I have three 90s, that doesn't get me into hardcore guilds any faster (in fact, in my attempts to gear up all three, I'll probably do it even slower.) It doesn't net you an advantage by having an additional 90, because your time gets split up. If I have the same gear as you do, but you have eight more 90s, that doesn't do a THING for you in a fight.

    #3, I actually HATE Micro-transactions for the most part, but this is one thing I don't have a big problem with, if it was tweaked a little.
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    This game already has enough people who don't know how to play their class. It doesn't need a bunch of idiots with a lot of disposable income buying level 90s and still having no clue what to do with them.

    It's not that this idea would be particularly bad, it's the principle of the matter. The world already has enough people doing whatever they want just because they have the money to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    No. I pay money every month to play this game. I'm not interesting in paying even more in order to to have less content, which is essentially what this is.
    You mean how you can get cosmetic gear from the store that could otherwise have come as a reward for raiding or other content?
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    As if blizzard updates didnt made the game have less content in total.
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    Levels for sale, xp potions, boa's many people want these things. What is the point of leveling anymore if everyone just wants to take a shortcut to get to cap? No I do not like this idea, not one bit.

    If leveling is so boring let's just level cap the game.

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    Why even play the game than? If that gets implemented than there is no more use of BoA gear. you learn less about your character. In my opinion people who are that lazy are better of playing a private server.

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    no, perhaps with lots of gold but not with cash. wow is not a free to play game and should not have such services.

    this system encourages blizzard's cash shop.

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    Hmm tought i had him on ignore.
    Atleast i do now.
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    Part of me doesn't care that people make money off your rampant laziness. Part of me doesn't want you to get anything for being that lazy. Not sure whether apathy or contempt is greater.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Well, think about times where you like to level, and then about times where you would rather skip a level or two. I think it would be a good idea to allow that especially after you have cleared the content before on another character.

    It would just be like the recruit a friend level up system where you ding up, but you would actually have to pay to get the "free" level.

    - - - Updated - - -

    How is it pay to win? What are you winning at the end of the day? Time saved?
    High-end guilds use many alts to dominate content by stacking classes that work well with encounters mechanics. That makes it pay to win because it would give them an advantage towards having alts geared out faster at max level. Also, if it's before an expansion it makes no sense for Blizzard to offer such a thing that would get no use in their new expansion for the same reasons.

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    It should be quicker each and every time you level a new alternative character. Should the level be instant? Can't say I'd be against it, but the service should be free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    What do you think?
    Way too expensive. I'd seriously consider 1-90 for $20, but $5/level puts it out of reach for people whose main source of income is monthly paycheck.

    For new players the idea of buying 3-4 game boxes and getting up 100 levels is so daunting that they go "fuck it" which is a real problem for Blizzard that they have to fix very soon. As a side-effect the leveling of alts (topic of this thread) will also be changed forever.
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    The only way I could go for this is if it was limited to once per character so no 1-90 in one day but you could skip an area if you don't like it, no skipping current content, and you must have a max level character already.
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    What was described in the first post isn't pay to win unless you win WoW by hitting 90, and hearing the same damn rhetoric from the first replies is kinda depressing, its like bashing Jaylock is a faster reaction than engaging brain.

    Free lvl 90, pay-to-hit-90, pay for 500% xp buffs, this is not pay to win. Don't be dumbasses. NO ONE* EVER considers WoW "won" or "complete" when they hit level 90; *and for the people who DO, guess they aren't interfering with your game much then, are they.

    Please do'nt try and say "paying to hit lvl 90 is basically the same as paying for full heroic raiding gear derpderp" you just sound like some form of religious zealot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
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    You are full of shit.

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    First has been pay to be handsome. This would be pay to level. Then could come pay to gold. Pay to gear up. Pay to kill raid. Pay to win an arena match. Bad idea...

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    I can see how it will appeal to some people and one could argue, that RAF is already in a way similar to this. I wouldn't use this service if it was implemented, even now with less time on my hand, I arrived at 4 lv 90 and 4 more between 86 and 89. Shouldn't be too hard to have them all at 90 by the end of the x-pac.

    Levelling is part of what I like of my characters and how I grow fond of them. Not sure though, why it has to be Pandaria and lv 85 upwards in the OP. One could argue that lv 1-20 are the annoying oney because one walks everywhere.

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    Who the hell would pay that much money for five levels?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reesi View Post
    It should be quicker each and every time you level a new alternative character. Should the level be instant? Can't say I'd be against it, but the service should be free.
    Currently I like the xp buff that the monk daily provides. Heirlooms can give 30 (or is it 35%) XP Bonus. Add the 50% from the daily buff and the rested xp on top of that and levelling goes fast. I often only have 30 minutes a day to spend, so I make a point of doing the cooking / fishing / class daily on my monk and time just flies by. When I can dedicate 4 hours in one go, he really eats the levels.

    Who knows....the next x-pac might come with an advanced account wide system like this

    Quote Originally Posted by banestalker View Post

    this system encourages blizzard's cash shop.
    This is all what the thread is about and OP is known to be masterful in creating topics that enflame posters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    You mean how you can get cosmetic gear from the store that could otherwise have come as a reward for raiding or other content? works. Wham bam - the transmog helmets are in the discussion and now we can start bashing our heads in about what "optional" means. Or where rewards "should" come from.
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    I think each time you hit 90 on a character, it should give all of your other characters a stacking debuff that reduces the amount of experience you get by 9%

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    I like the levelling, at least up until Cata... there's quite a selection of different ways you can level (zone-wise etc.)... I might pay for Cata nad Pandaland though

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