View Poll Results: Is your own WoW-nostalgia frustrating to you?

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  • I am nostalgic, and yes.

    20 32.79%
  • I am nostalgic, but no.

    23 37.70%
  • I'm not nostalgic about WoW.

    18 29.51%
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    I'm pretty good at checking my nostalgia. There are very few games that I get nostalgic about and those are games that I've replayed recently and they still hold up extremely well such as the Ratchet and Clank series and Fallout 3.

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    Yes it does. I miss the feel of vanilla and TBC. Running around the world and exploring, wondering what was around the next corner. Getting submersed in the zones by the music. The feeling of finally completing a long and arduous quest chain. Having to run on foot everywhere but not really minding. The anticipation of AV or WG getting ready to start (especially fun as a Warlock back then). If blizz opened a vanilla server I'd reopen my account in a heartbeat.

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