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    Ice floes 5.4 macro help

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting a ice floes macro that i like for arcane.

    Preferably i'd like it to cast ice floes once then cast arcane missiles, if i dont have a proc it would then cast arcane blast.

    Using this right now.

    #showtooltip ice floes
    /cast Ice Floes
    /cast Frostbolt
    /cast Fireball
    /cast Arcane missiles
    /cast Arcane Blast

    Which i thought would just move down the list trying to cast each of the spells until it found one that works but it seems to want me to have to double tap it in order for it to cast anything. However if i don't have a missiles proc it won't then move onto the AB cast. Also having to double tap the macro means it will give me two Ice Floes stacks which sometimes I don't really want. any help on making a spammable macro would be awesome.


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    I don't think it's possible to create a spammable-macro for IF because of the way the stacks work.

    You'd be better off macro'ing a modifier onto your ABlast and Missiles binds and just hitting the modifier when you want to cast on the move.

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    Thanks very much for the rapid response

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    No problem.

    Thought about it a bit, and a castsequence macro might work; but I haven't tested this so you'll want to do your own testing for it:

    #showtooltip [SpellName]
    /castsequece Ice Floes, Arcane Missiles, Arcane Blast

    Have tested this; doesn't get you past Arcane Missiles. Does prevent unwanted stacks, though. Will work on it further.
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    Ok this is awesome, definitely a step towards what i was looking for however i think unless you can get it to do the arcane blast if you dont have a proc then i think its more effective to stick with a mod key will try tweaking it a little bit myself as well.


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