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    Didn't realize how anal I am about playing my DK until watching someone else play theirs.

    Thanks for the videos everyone who has posted. I've been out of commission for about three months now. Got laid off, evicted from my apartment, had to sell my computer and lived in my car for a month. Back on my feet now and looking forward to getting back into the game next week. These videos get me excited to raid SoO!

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    Great Videos, Need to See More! Goodluck on everyone's Progression Push!

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    Heroic Immerseus done as Unholy (hey looks like i'll be providing a lot of UH PoV's as there are none yet!)
    Maxweii <Deviant> 25H

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    My awesome performance on Nazgrim 10 Heroic, just so people can see what the bitch job entails.
    Evìscero <False> DW Frost

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    Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been without internet for a week. Back to your regularly scheduled updates from now though!

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    Fallen Protectors 25 Heroic: (25H) Troxism <Destinatus> Blood

    As per youtube video description I am sad at myself about many things (derping hard or hardly derping?). Our strat is moderately amusing, although I am sure other people have done this too. I'm sorry for the bad camera work. This video I actually put music to, I think I mostly nailed it on the theme. So in that way it is more like all my other videos I have done before this tier.

    Galakras coming soon, Iron Juggernaut probably as well.

    *Apparently now in 1440p?
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    Our Iron Juggernaut 10 heroic kill, and another pathetic display by me.
    Evìscero <False> Unholy (10H)
    I wanted to try out full crit reforges and crit hybrid gems, felt more comfortable with mastery but C'est la vie.

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    Heroic Iron Juggernaut 25M - Blood DK PoV (Mattybaby)
    youtube mattybabybro --> most recent upload

    Can't post links yet :\ im so srry

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    (10H) Paroxysm <Danish Terrace> Blood - Immersius

    Couple of notes: This kill is one of the most ridiculous boss kills I have ever been a part of. Incredibly bad play by most of the group (Including myself), and we end up reaching the enrage timer after having done the majority of the fight 9 man. However the enrage sequence is very buggy as you can see. In the end only our paladin survives after having used his bubble for the last blast. All in all a pretty ridiculous kill and something I will remember. The commentary is in danish and you can hear the relief and the "wtf" from us anyway. Hope you enjoy what I consider the most spectacular Immersius kill yet.

    (10H) Paroxysm <Danish Terrace> Blood - Norushen
    Interesting kill. We used a zerg strat (First week) and solo healed it (Our shaman did anyway). Enjoy a fairly unique strat.
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    Galakras 25 Heroic: (25H) Troxism <Destinatus> Blood

    I didn't want to pick out and edit 13 mins of music for a fight I kind of hate, so I just went with a huge smattering of various video game music. Some of them are pretty recognizable tracks/games, some are less obvious. Back to regularly scheduled 'real' soundtracks with some attempt made at fitting/flow next video.

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    Updated again. Thanks for the heroic contributions folks.

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    Reckon I can contribute some here like I did with the T15 thread, both Frost PoVs

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    Immerseus 25 HC - (25H) Manarak <Old School> Blood

    Fallen Protectors 25 HC - (25H) Manarak <Old School> Blood

    Norushen 25 HC - (25H) Manarak <Old School> Blood

    Iron Juggernaut 25 HC - (25H) Manarak <Old School> Blood
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    General Nazgrim 25 Heroic: (25H) Troxism <Destinatus> Blood

    Mismanaged vengeance, also wasn't happy with the soundtrack but I already spent too long on it. Oh well. We actually managed to enrage him because we didn't drag him over to cleave adds.

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    Thanks for the contributions folks, thread updated again.

    More dps submissions would be appreciated, especially unholy! (I'm looking at you Maxweii)

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    Spoils of Pandaria 25hc: (25H) Nedda <Oblivion> DW Frost

    w/o 4pc/CDR/AMP but still some nice HB crits

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