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    New DeathKnight need help

    i just get boosted DK and was wondering which addon u guys use and it have many skills to like i mean the bloodDK unlike the guardian druid we only get 3-4 defensive skills

    which skills do use mostly and whats ur rotation

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    If only there was a sticky for tanking at the top of this forum...oh wait there is...

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    Welcome to the fold!
    Those icy-veins links really will be your best bet, along side the amazing Blood thread sticky in this forum.

    I don't use any DK-specific addons, though I hear magic runes and the equivalent is nice. make sure you have a way to track charges of Blood tap though, as you will be using that number all the time. Here's a basic WeakAuras2 string:

    Blood has a huge bucket of cooldowns to use, and alot of resources to manage. It's a really fun spec. Read the TLR of the blood tanking sticky and the icy-veins list on cooldown usage and then just practice. Might consider just leveling as blood through warlords if that's what you want to play. You will deal damage slower but will be very hard to kill and as a result, be able to group stuff up.
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