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    Timeless Isle addon for chest and rares

    Hi everyone

    Is there already a good addon for showing the place of the chest and the rare spawns on the map for the Timeless Isle ?

    I know that even if npcscan is not up to date we can add the NPC's ids to it but there is still the problem where to search for the rare as npcscan.overlay may not be updated.

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    Wouldn't that remove the purpose of the island? O.o

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    thats the purpose of the island?

    i thought its purpose was to gear alts super quickly

    gatherer might save chest positions
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    For the chests, you could use the waypoints in the following link to mark the chest locations with TomTom. Paired with the Paste addon, you could do it in one copy/paste.


    I've been looking for a compiled /way x y <name> macro list for all the rares, but haven't found one yet. It could be put together in probably like 5 minutes though with like the wowhead rares guide, most of them have coordinate locations in their comments pages.
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    Great addon. Does not do the rare spawns, but you can add those in handynotes if you like. If you do, release it as another handynotes addon, I would download it!

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