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    Can't find a class PLZ help

    Hi all,
    I've been playing wow for 3 years now and I can't find a class that I can stick with.
    I never get to do rbg's and sometimes not even arenas.
    I just got a new pc so now I can play every class decently.
    Does anyone has some tips on finding my final class??

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    We really can't tell you It's all on you.

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    not even any tips

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    You will be a female gnome warlock, with bubblegum pink hair. If you cannot find amusement in that, you forgot to give us enough information.
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    a century and a half isn't nearly enough time for say English to become intelligible

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    You gave zero information on what you enjoy or your playstyle so how is anyone supposed to give you any advice?

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    I've played a warrior but had a bad pc so it was hard and i was stupid enough to make him worgen. then i lvled a dk, that was just boring (also a worgen). played a blood elf mage, was boring. then I just lvled almost every class to 85 but never took the time to play them on high lvl. in mop i started with my warrior (still sucked), then my druid was fun but got bored after a while so lvled a lock, that was a lot of fun but I don't think that's really my play style ( would still play sometimes for fun, but not all the time). After a while i went back to druid and got bored again. And now i'm sick of lvling and i want to end it now.

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    I think about my playstyle that I like something with good mobility and good healing as off-spec

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanck View Post

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    I think about my playstyle that I like something with good mobility and good healing as off-spec
    could try a monk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vamonos View Post
    could try a monk?
    was thinking the same, I'm lvling 1 right now XD
    thanks btw
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    See above please. "What class should I play" is a question only you can really answer.

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