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    CLCRet and Divine Purpose

    Ok, so I'm new to ret and am trying this clcret addon I've heard a lot of people recommend. But I'm taking Divine Purpose, and in a screenshot I'm looking at, when I have 4 holy power and a divine purpose proc that is set to expire in a second, its recommendation to me is to crusader strike. Is that correct- I should just let the divine purpose proc fall off so that I can follow the normal rotation of waiting til 5 holy power to Templar's Verdict? Seems to negate the purpose of the talent.

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    No, don't waste the proc. The problem is that even the lastest version doesn't offer an action to use it with only 2 seconds remaining by default. You need to rename a file.

    The following string was build after the priority list used in SimulationCraft and works for both SW and DP:
    inq inqdp ds_4t16_5hp tv5 tvdp_2s how ds_4t16_aw tvaw cs j ds_4t16 tvdp exo tv3
    You need to rename the rotation.untested file to rotation.lua in the latest version of clcInfo to get the ds_4t16_aw and tvdp_2s commands. If you use clcRet, get the file from the clcInfo download.

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    Thanks for the info.

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