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    Paladin T16 PoV Thread

    Welcome to the new 5.4 raid, Siege of Orgrimmar!!!

    This is a compilation of boss videos in the SoO raid from the paladin point-of-view.

    Submit the following to be included:
    - link to video
    - point of view (holy, ret, prot)
    - raid size

    Holy 10M Heroic

    I will post a hyperlink to your video with the information and your youtube channel in your name. Before each video there's a [Spec Raidsize] annotation. Spec means Holy, Ret, or Prot and Raidsize is 10 or 25. The two columns represent normal and heroic.

    No Multiple Point of View Videos
    No Looking For Raid Videos
    Full Length Boss Videos (No Wipes...)

    Thanks to the mods, previous thread owner, and mostly to the posters, you're helping out a lot of paladin and even non-paladin friends
    P.S. Please let me know if I've mucked something up!

    Siege of Orgrimmar

    Other video links:
    Old T14/T15 PoV Videos
    Choice <Avast> (Protection Paladin)
    Neari <The Fallen> (Retribution Paladin)
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    My uploads are slow, but here are the first 3 NM's

    Immerseus - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    The Fallen Protectors - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    Norushen - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal

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    Galakras - - Tried adding default youtube music but it didn't go very well so most of it has no sound.

    Prolly start uploading all the heroic fights we kill after next week.

    Prot Paladin PoV. 10man - (normal obv).

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    - link to video


    Immerseus [HD Movie]
    The Fallen protectors
    Sha of Pride
    Galakras [HD Movie]
    Iron Juggernaut
    Kor'kron Dark Shaman [HD Movie]
    General Nazgrim
    Malkorok [HD Movie]
    Spoils of Pandaria [HD Movie]
    Thok the Bloodthirsty [HD Movie]
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    Paragons of Klaxxi [HD Movie]
    [I]Garrosh Hellscream

    - point of view (holy, ret, prot)


    - raid size

    10 man nHc

    Mfg PvtPJ
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    Three more up from me.

    Sha of Pride - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    Galakras - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    Iron Juggernaut - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal

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    Thaelarion <Atom> on Tarren Mill EU - protection PoV, 10-man

    Since my post count isn't high enough for me to be able to post links, here is a pastebin containing all the links. Bosses 1-12 so far.

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    Another three more from me.

    Kor'kron Dark Shaman - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    General Nazgrim - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    Malkorok - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal

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    Thaelarion <Atom> on Tarren Mill EU - protection PoV, 10-man

    Paragons of the Klaxxi:

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    Thaelarion <Atom> on Tarren Mill EU - protection PoV, 10-man

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    Two more to go !

    Spoils of Pandaria - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal
    Thok the Bloodthirsty - - Holy Paladin - 10man Normal

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    Ret PoV's 25 Normal



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    Just a note since I know there are quite a few people who watch my videos based on the posts made in this PoV threads.

    I'm still making them this tier, but since they'll be mostly multi-PoVs they won't be posted here. If you want to see that, they'll be posted on my youtube channel you can fine here.

    Good luck to everyone here with your progression.

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    Update on my post ("#5"): Paragons of Klaxxi [HD Movie]

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