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    Not bad but pretty much the same as 5.3. So still behind the same classes. Gap will probably widen tho.

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    In ToT, I would usually be behind mages, most locks, and the occasional rogue for certain fights. So far in SoO, I'm competing for top spot with mages, rogues and a ret paladin.

    Overall I'm in a slightly better spot now than I was in 5.3, but yeah things might change.

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    I didn't do bad, but i was still in the mode of AS costing 20 focus, which really hurt my KCs per fight

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    Did 12/14 last night as SV and really tore things up.
    I would highly recommend running with Fervor to smooth out any teething problems with the new AS cost.

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    Finally got in my 2 nights of raid time and managed 10/14. I am extremely happy with the hunter changes. I think we are sitting in a good spot damage wise though i do believe other classes will widen the gap on us with higher ilvl gear sets. The opener burst (800-1mil burst i saw) seems appropriate considering the removal of readiness and overall has made dmg CDs feel like actual CDs as opposed to extra dmg ability. Id say on average I got clocked on WoL at about 220-230k range and I made a handful of mistakes. Plus I havent tried out AMoC yet for straight single target encounters which ive heard it pulls slightly ahead of BS.

    EDIT: I played BM the entire week. And as stated in other forums through my own testing and simulation I found for myself I simmed best with a Crit => Haste > Mastery. I believe the original stats at my 539 ilvl were around 12k crit, 10k haste, 6k mastery (maybe more i cant quite remember the value of this stat). So my testing was finding theres a correlation between crit and haste and a balance act between those 2 stats will bring optimal stats for lower ilvl currently. As I pick up more gear it wouldnt surprise me to see them become more equal at higher values.
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