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    Flex wing3 availability

    I was under the impression that the 3rd wing was going to be released, but after logging in (EU) the wing is still unavailable. Whats going on? How is it in NA?

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    EU Servers are down till 9am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yindoo View Post
    EU Servers are down till 9am.
    I must be dreaming, since I currently am logged in running around isle.

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    Well, I cant log in, says disconnected if I try. Anyway, stuff like this resets at 9am every time.

    Edit: Should say stuff like this gets added at 9am.

    Edit2: Just in case someone wants to know:
    There are 4kinds of reset:
    1) Daily reset at 3am.
    2) Weekly Quest reset at 3am Wednesday (Warforged Seals or LFR/FLex/Worldboss Loot).
    3) Raid Reset at 9am Wednesday.
    4) Dungeon Reset at 9am.
    4,5) Bugged stuff like Celestial Tournament resets at Tuesday 3am (US Time).
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    This always happens with wing releases on Wednesdays. You can log on already but you can't enter until a certain time of the day.

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