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    Does Garrosh ignore taunt sometimes?

    Did anyone else have the problem that taunt does not work every time on Garrosh?
    I hit taunt, get the CD but Garrosh doesn't even take a look at me.

    Got quiet frustrating after a while

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    A creature can't get taunted more than 3 times every 20 seconds. You might be incurring in that cap.
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    Taunt works same way as CC, when you do it many times under a short period he becomes immune. so just tank swap at 3 stacks instead of 2 as im guessing you're doing
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    I'm not sure if it applies to Garrosh because I haven't tanked him but many raid bosses are (or at least used to be) affected by DR on taunts. If you're taunting a lot that can be the problem!

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    Oh i didn't know that, thanks

    I guess we have to modify our strategy then

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    Yeah the stacks builds up rather fast and he does get taunt immune after a while. What we did to overcome it is just taunt at 4 stacks and it seems to work out fine.

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    Taunting every 3 stacks fixes this That's also why DBM alerts on 3 and not 2; 2 will give you DR on taunt.

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    Actually, we're taunting at 4 stacks to avoid the DR on Taunt. We did swap at 3 stacks initially but realized that it just wasn't enough time for the DR not to kick in. 4 stacks is fine and it ensures you don't get a taunt immune boss.

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    Swap every 5/6, yolo.

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