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    Balance vs Proving Grounds

    Hey hey,

    After about 6-7 attempts, I'm still stuck at Wave 10 on Gold in Proving Grounds. Been trying with Incarnation, but I need the burst from Force of Nature on each of those Sha-dudes to beat them, can't afford to have Incarnation. Been switching about with DoC, HotW and Nature's Vigil, but no real luck.

    Anyone got any tips on how to manage beating it?

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    I'm trying there, too.
    Btw. the legendary meta is not working there. Try to use an old one.
    I'm triying about 15 times now and I will change the meta, too.
    In my opinion the eclipse mechanic is our problem there.

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    I know it's counter-intuitive but I had the most success with following build(ty fountain):
    feline swiftness
    anything (dont need healing)
    Disorienting roar (to interupt heals)

    need fon roots for the bannana tossers + single target damage on last 3 phases
    saving the berserking buffs that spawn on the floor is huge I couldn't make last 2 waves w/o
    eclipse management is huge here. ofc if u finish early u need to AC to new eclipse like 1sec before countdown maybe preshroom if time
    theres at least 2 waves with banshees that continue to spawn in mid after all adds die. low health make sure u dont trigger a new eclipse killing it.

    got through gold yesterday and stopped on wave 5 endless wipe b4 had to raid. I don't think balance has high hopes in endless. The game isn't balanced around a 463 ilvl anymore. They should have scaled the mobs up to our gear, rather than scaling us down to the mobs...

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    For wave 10 gold i used FoN/hotw. I only used CA on the final wave and i didn't actually save the damage buff for those last two waves but used them earlier instead. Just try to burn down the other adds and start dpsing the sha straight away. It is only a 50% damage reduction so it is still worth dpsing him while you wait for the shield to drop. If you have time between waves, try placing mushrooms beforehand as that may help a bit. When you use FoN, try to have as close to 3 charges as possible for when his shield drops then go crazy.

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    tried for over 2 hours usually fizzle on 9 or 10 saving pretty much everything for 10 both bezerks flask and food.... 500k left

    im pretty sure its not very optimized for us boomys very much so as it drags us down below the 10k haste cap and possibly the lesser one (didnt check)

    eclipse is also painful at times and if u need to proc it to kill a banshee it can mean the diff between the next round and what not
    a few hints that i used ursol or root monkeys next to other mobs for the 50% amber stun easy mode after that... until wave 8 that is.
    reforging is starting to look like an option but to what end say i
    some fires are red, some fires are blue but you can be assured my moonfire will kill you

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    I ran with the build fappasaurus mentioned, FoN/Roar/NV. Save NV for tough waves, don't use after Wave 8 pull. FoN monkeys/banshees/healers (whatever you need burst on while multidotting), don't be afraid to spam the hell out of sunfire/moonfire. For the wave with 2 healers, Roar one, Beam the other. Typhoon can interrupt them but it's sketchy about when it wants to, roar also can cleave onto the monkeys. If you know a monkey wave is coming spread shrooms in a circle around the center, otherwise having them grouped near the center or on wherever healers spawn is a good idea. Save buffs for shas.

    It's been said before but it really is true that scaling it to a point when things were far from balanced was a silly idea since there exist specs that are so effective at differing gear levels. Losing both breakpoints, all our delicious secondaries (and to a lesser extent our meta) really makes it pointless --this late in the expansion when something like the Timeless Isle exists-- for people new to the spec to see what they'll be doing with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r4id View Post
    In my opinion the eclipse mechanic is our problem there.
    The eclipse mechanic has been a problem since Blizzard was told it was crap back during its inception in Wrath beta.
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    i managed to do gold quite easily on my second attempt so here is what i mostly did, i went DoC/Incarnation, during downtime between the tries i obviously healing touched and went into lunar just as the fight started, i dot everything focused the bannana throwers mostly so i didn't have to move, use the amber golbules to stun the healers, when there are two healers you can solarbeam one of them and use bash on the other, i saved the berserker buffs for the 8th and 9th wave using them with 45seconds to go on the round, i used my cooldowns on the 5th wave and they were ready again on the 10th wave, i had a good 20 seconds to spare on the last wave, the tighest wave for me was the 8th wave

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    I played gold with FoN and NV.
    But I think that Moonkin is quite underpowered there because of the eclipse mechanic.

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    Also it's worth nothing wave 10 can be really close or impossible w/o CA due to banshee spawn time. I didn't realize till after I was done with gold meta + cape weren't working. If you're serious about endless, or at least getting maybe 10 waves as boomkin lol, you're probably gonna want proper meta and CM set with LoC trinket and relic. RPPM was pretty bad lol.

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    Just wait until you get to Endless.

    My Gold build was:

    Feline Swiftness
    Ysera's Gift
    Mighty Bash

    My best advice is to always kill the banana tosser as quickly as possible.
    Next priority is waves that have Banshees - kill those asap or it's over.
    After that is the healing mob. Kill banana tosser, interrupt the healer's heal, and then get on the healer and burn him down.
    There is a wave, I forget which, that has 2 healers in it.
    Go with mighty bash, stay near one of the healers. Bash him, and you'll have time to Solarbeam the one in back. Make sure you burn them down together.
    Make sure to roll eclipsed dots out on everything whenever possible. Need as much damage spread to all targets as possible.

    Keep in mind, you can utilize the amber globules to freeze another mob. I used this for healers often, whenever I would not have an interrupt available for whatever reason.

    The extra eclipse dmg from Dream of Cenarius was amazing here. Once I switched to DoC, I found that I had over 10 seconds on every wave to prepare for the next one. If you can get to this point, make sure you're using Astral Communion and swapping eclipses every wave. This will ensure maximum NG uptime. If you're using DoC, of course make sure each eclipse is empowered with a healing touch cast prior.

    BIG, BIG, BIG TIP!: REMEMBER, proving grounds scale you to 463 like challenge modes. Double-check your stats. Make sure you have >5273 haste!!!! Re-gem if you need to! Makes a huge difference at this ilvl.

    Good luck, fellow owlkins!

    P.S. - Endless is torture for us, but if you want kind of a fun/bit easier challenge... (something I haven't QUITE completed yet)... take a look at doing Bronze & Silver healer while in Boomkin spec/gear. I've made it to 7/8 on Silver. It's TOUGH! But there is a Feat of Strength obtainable for achieving this "You're Doing It Wrong"

    Fun stuff. Big fan of proving grounds.
    If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.

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    I really can't be bothered with the dps challenges. Moonkin is just not suited for it.

    Did the Silver healer boomkin after a few tries though, need to get a bit lucky with RNG. (If your party stands in fire they die pretty much before you can do anything)

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    Just managed getting gold as balance, but failing over and over on that big AoE-pack on Endless Wave 3.

    Did manage to get silver-healer as boomkin do.

    Think I'll just give up on the dps challenges until our AoE gets boosted loads, totally hopeless.

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    My tactics for Gold:

    Talents: Inc and DoC

    The first waves are really easy, just burned through it in Lunar and had time to cycle around with AC almost everytime. (Make sure to cast HT one time before every wave to get the DoC Bonus)

    Wave 4: Kill the Monkey and just burn the healer, interrupt it with Solar Beam. DO NOT pick up the buff.
    Wave 5: DoT the Shield guys, nuke the Banshee. (Beware: the last Banshee spawns at 10 seconds, stop at about 25 Solar Energy, kill the banshee with Starsurge, Wrath, Wrath, Wrath, Starfire if needed)
    Wave 6: Save a Starfall pre Lunar and use it again in Lunar to bring the small Adds down a bit so the Healers don't heal themselves. Nuke the Healers first. You don't even need to interrupt, but to stay safe use it on the one with more HP when they cast their second heal. After that move to Solar and Hurricane the small Adds, use HT and wait for Wave 7.
    Wave 7: Use Incarnation and CA to DoT up every target, nuke the Monkey, a few seconds before CA ends the Banshee spawns, DoT it and kill them, everything should be dead pretty fast. Again, do not use the buff.
    Wave 8: Kill the Amber Guys, wait for the Sha to become vulnerable, move in front of Lunar to have 2x Starfall ready if needed, and nuke it as soon as the shield falls of.
    Wave 9: Kill the Monkey, interrupt the Healer, kill the Healer, kill the Banshee. This time you won't have so much time to cycle with AC, but try to be in front of Lunar, remember to use HT and start with Lunar. You maybe have only one Starfall available, so this time use one of the Buffs and kill the Sha.
    Wave 10: Kill the Dummy, wait for the Banshee while cycling through the Eclipse, use your last Buff, remember HT, use Incarnation and CA after your Lunar Phase and just nuke the Sha. Remember to kill the last Banshee which should show up after the Sha is dead.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Do the Leatherworking Drums work?

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    The clunkiness of eclipses really comes through in endless. I wonder how many more expansions it is going to take Blizzard to change it.

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    My Gold Build was:

    Displacer Beast
    Ysera's Gift
    Mass Entanglement
    Force of Nature
    Mighty Bash
    Nature's Vigil

    Frapsed my best try in endless (till wave 9): > /watch?v=hwqRNQuyuYg > (I'm not allowed to post links )
    Maybe it helps some of you :P even if 9 waves are not that good in comparison to the best owl (reached 26 rounds as far as i know).

    PS: Maybe my use of cooldowns is the best for wave 3 :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckgirl View Post
    Just managed getting gold as balance, but failing over and over on that big AoE-pack on Endless Wave 3.

    Did manage to get silver-healer as boomkin do.

    Think I'll just give up on the dps challenges until our AoE gets boosted loads, totally hopeless.
    Are you using Dream of Cenarius?
    It's huge in PG. Especially for solar ae.
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    I HATE endless mode as a boomkin, will definately do it as feral^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guanos View Post
    I HATE endless mode as a boomkin, will definately do it as feral^^
    I quite enjoy a good challenge. I will continue until I make Wave 30, damnit!!
    If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.

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