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    I would much rather have the cloak for progression than having it after we killed Garosh.
    ^This. The best Legendaries have always been those that you could actually use for progression in the same tier. Ateish, Thori'dal, Shadowmourne, Fangs were all inferior to Thunderfury, Glaives, Val'nyr and the staff from Firelands. Now, Blizzard made a series of Legendaries (we also got gems, sockets and a meta gem) that we got through progression. The last Legendary should ofc be used for progression in SoO, instead of being a vanity item in next X-pack.

    Blizzard did it right this time. They basically failed with the previous Legendaries in the last tier in all previous expansions.

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    I put no research into anything but class mechanics. I woke up at 6pm (lol), scurried to get my legendary cloak before flex raid, had someone guide me to chests throughout the isle for the 5k coins. It was fun, haven't seen it yet, wasn't expecting anything major, but it turned out fun.

    Same thing happened with SoO. I've been a top 100 raider for a long time before my guild disbanded, now I'm with a top 500 US guild (for 25) on Illidan, so I'm more relaxed. I put no research into ANY fight. Flex raid was really easy but still fun. I had the same experience in normal, we got juggernaut down in one night.

    I did this because shit gets boring if you learn about it 6 months before it comes out. Let it be a surprise, learn it as you see it on live. I had absolutely no trouble on ANY fight in SoO (10/14 as of now), and I even daydreamed while people explain the fight so there's really no reason to learn it as soon as it comes out on ptr.
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