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    In fairness I was a tad disappointed myself with timeless isle. In about 90 minutes I've got myself a full set for my rogue, and a good few bits for my hunter. And this is me coming back to the game two weeks ago.
    I'm guessing going at his rate ill have everyone geared up in two weeks
    Sure then I can start raiding but... Is this stuff going to keep me up for 6-8 months if not more?
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    I really regret renewing my wow for six months. I've been playing for like six years on and off and I'm just sick of the grind. The game is 99% grind, 1% new content and I have no interest in most of the grind. Then I try to play other rpgs and they seem awful compared to wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    The fact that Proving Grounds has an endless mode and the OP is claiming to have finished it is all the proof the mods should need to close this thread and infract the OP. Unfortunately they will probably just pop in here and post nonsense and infract anyone daring to call the OP out on what he is doing.
    If something is endless then it's "finished" whenever you feel so.

    No need to be butthurt because someone doesn't like the game you like.
    "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills." - Mugatu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Some people are so narrowminded. Sitting in Org spam queueing for Heroics all expansion is exactly what Blizzard wants to discourage. There's heaps of cool things in MoP outside just heroic after heroic, open your mind.
    Yeah, they just moved that to the HC scenarios, less challenging less rewarding and less funny, my mind is open, not like funboys trying to defend a sinking ship.

    @crisisvacant: if some mistakes from my tablet's autocorrect make my post a puzzle for you it's just because your qi is lower than a rat, don't blame me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    1. Proving Grounds are huge because this is something that can finally address the tank/healer shortage. I think we may see an upsurge in tanks and healers since players can now get comfortable with these new roles without inflicting their lack of skills on other players first. The gearing on Timeless Isle goes hand in hand with this since it aids in gearing up off specs.
    People don't want to play tanks and healers, not because they are "afraid" to show their lack of "skills" in facerollable 5-men or LFR. Not to say, that this feature is mostly applauded by vocal minority. For most players, this feature is hollow. Some stupid arena with NPCs, you kill for some time without any real goal, connection to game, well, nothing. If anything, it will be a hindrance and unwanted element - as it will creep in as requirement for pugs and guild recruitment. Just something you have to do but what has little (if any at all) original and enjoyable gameplay.

    Seriously, let's say there would be some tutorial in some game, which would include 1 room/1 small territory, and some repeating "challenge" to "teach" you. And it would be completely isolated from the rest of the game. Realistically, how much time would you spend there? Do people enjoy tutorials and play them to no end in other games, or just do them once if touch at all?
    2. The lag isn't permanent any more than any other day 1 performance issues. Give it a few days and it will go back to normal.
    Sounds reasonable. However - wait few days/till next patch/till next expansion when such and such problem goes away - tiresome argument. Yet while 5.4 was on PTR - there were many interesting suggestions, e.g, - put Isle bosses into instances, etc. While it wouldn't necessarily remove all lag problems at all, it would definitely help. If they would truly want to have those "world" bosses in "the world", why did they put all quest NPCs and vendors right near boss' arena in the middle of already tiny isle? Such design just asks for all kind of lags.
    3. Flex raiding says hi.
    Poster, to whom you replied, was right. Flex and LFR are gated. Garrosh won't appear in Flex and LFR anytime soon. Definitely, if non-raiding people are thinking to subscribe for this patch just to see Garrosh etc. - it is too early to subscribe for that moment yet.
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    The OP is somewhat correct. Blizzard is too focus on Raids and less focused on the the actual world. They should have brought a couple of new 5 mans, this is something a lot of people have enjoyed in the past. Blizzard has the resources and the money to be able to do more without affecting the raiding experience and still be able to bring out awesome raids. Don't get me wrong, raiding is fun and MOP has to be one of the best Raiding expansions ever.
    As someone stated before Timeless Isle is pretty much a way to super fast track your Alts to be able to get into... 'raids' since this is all they are focused on. Proving Grounds is a fantastic feature in the game and a great Challenge. So what does a Non Raider do? just spamm proving grounds with their main? farm the shit outta timeless isle then spamm proving grounds with all their alts? Not much fun for content that will be out for at least 6 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrSteveBrule View Post
    If something is endless then it's "finished" whenever you feel so.

    No need to be butthurt because someone doesn't like the game you like.
    I don't give a fuck if people hate wow. What I do care about however is how fast and loose you people play with meanings of words just so you can trash a game most of you clearly hate and are no longer playing. Endless mode in Proving Grounds is just that...endless. Of course people are going to stop at some point because well...endless is endless. I embrace criticism of Wow and all games really I just have no patience for blind irrational hatred.

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    I don't think the timeless isle is that bad, but I do think they continually fuck up every time they choose to not add 5 mans. Or at least a scenario that actually has drops on each objective like a dungeon. 14 fucking raid bosses, not 1 new dungeon.

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    wished they had been slower opening bosses for the raid. pretty sad that a guild defeats garrosh within 24 hours of the patch dropping...

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    Quote Originally Posted by plantation View Post

    And finally we got a new raid. I haven't participated in it yet but I'm assuming it's good. Most of the raids they make are, but a content patch should include more than just a raid. As it stands right now I have no incentive to log on except to run around the island for 30 minutes and at night to catch a raid group.
    Let's see if I get this right:

    -There is a new raid among other things
    -Usually the raids are good
    -You haven't done the raid
    -But there should be more content than a raid
    -But the extra that they included are a joke mini game and a clusterfuck
    -Still there is a raid that you didn't do.

    Bottomline: No incentive to log on.
    Logical conclusion: Maybe not the game you are looking for?

    Can you explain why you made this thread?

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    Read as far as this gem:

    Proving grounds are a joke mini-game that won't take up more than an hour of your time
    Bronze to Gold is easy yes, wave 20+ of endless is fucking brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLANOFETT View Post
    wished they had been slower opening bosses for the raid. pretty sad that a guild defeats garrosh within 24 hours of the patch dropping...
    Is it now? Well...then WoW is a sad game. Especially if it makes it sad for you that "a guild" (which probably isn't even your guild?) killed Garrosh. Even in SWP the gated bosses preeettttyyyy much died on the day the gate opened. But if you think that artificial gating is what keeps a game interesting.

    But hey...can't please everyone. You wish for a more gated raid, the parts that are gated like flex and LFR have already cause massive QQ because of the later release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plantation View Post
    LOL did them on ptr. Took literally 20 minutes to beat all of the rounds. not setting foot in there on live.
    Try it. To my understanding, they were buffed quite a bit before going live, at least the tank one.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkTZeratul View Post
    There's this concept called "fun." I know it's foreign to most of the people on this forum, but perhaps you should look into it; there's a school of thought that suggests it's integral to why people play games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenny View Post
    Bronze to Gold is easy yes, wave 20+ of endless is fucking brutal.
    To OPs defence, I cleared bronze all the way through wave 30 endless without failing once, so it took me 40mins, give or take 10. (I am a frost mage though)
    EU first PG wave 30, come at me bros.

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    Just quit, I did. This game isn't enjoyable anymore for me; It seems like it isn't for you either. Pull the plug. You can only raid + gear up so many times before you get bored. I'm playing ffxiv and having way more fun because it feels fresh. WoW feels dated compared to new mmo's.
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