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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostprophet View Post

    LFR - Easy for everyone
    Normal - Easy for organized Groups / Hard for Pugs
    Heroic - Hard for organized Groups / Impossible for Pugs

    Dont know about flex^
    Normal are not easy for "average" organised groups. We had a lot of guilds clearing ToT for the first time during the last 2 weeks, and those guilds just don't get to see heroics, flexi is for them. Normal is easy for raiding guilds that are aiming to clear heroic content.
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    It doesn't really matter if you steam roll normal, that's what normal is for. I could understand if it was heroic, but normal is obviously gonna feel easy after such a difficult tier in Heroic T15.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seezer View Post
    LFR-Solo play/guildless players/random guys
    Flex-guilds that don't have a fixed roster of people/pugs (and there are many)
    Fixed that for you.
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    I'd say it is overtuned instead, a guild like Exorsus should not chainwipe on the last normal bosses, they should faceroll it and have a harder time in HMs instead. "Normal guilds" should have a hard time, not the top guilds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klatar View Post
    I can't help myself. We had our first evening in SOO, 4 hours raiding - and killed 9/13, only 1 wipe over the complete evening (on dark shamans) - and no, we're not hardcore. We didn't have PTR raids, we played really bad, made soooooooooo many mistakes - but ilvl 545 simply made you skip all mechanics.

    In TOT, we needed 4 days to complete normal mode. In SOO, i get the feeling it won't be more than 2 days. That's ridicilous. All bosses sounded a lot more fun in videos and guides, so punishing - but in the end, it's way too easy. And i don't understand it, our twinkraid will go for 14/14 on friday and i feel they're gonna do it without problems.

    Normal mode feels like what flex raiders should expect. Right now, there would have to be a huge gap. But i feel like normal mode farming will be very very boring because of ridicilous low tuning.

    Your thoughts?
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    Garrosh is hard. 10 mans are easymode. Simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simplexity View Post
    in ToT we were 13/13H West ~350, so nothing amazing at all
    Lol, look at your sig where you claim your guild as a "top 10 2 nights/week guild in the US".

    From you pov, you can say your guild is pretty average, but the fact is that you are part of the top notch guilds in WoW. Even clearing normal only makes you part of the minority, most of the guilds don't even finish that.

    Normal and Flex are meant exactly for them - if you clear normal, Heroic is your content.
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    Normals are easy, someone call fox!

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    We 1shotted the first 4, 2 wipes on the 5th, 1shot 6 and 2shot 7th (Sorry, bad with names). This was with ~3h of raiding, avg ilvl was 541.71.

    Yes, normals are easy, but it does get harder and harded for every boss, the difficulty curve are alot smoother than it was in ToT.

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    Wow, every damn time a tier releases we get these threads.....
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    I have a new heroic quality guild that only has ~530 due to being...a new group. I expect the fights to be a decent challenge. That's the way it should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simplexity View Post
    For reference, in ToT we were 13/13H West ~350, so nothing amazing at all. Hell, it took us 3 weeks to clear normal ToT.
    Being ranked in the top 500 raiding guilds in the West is "nothing amazing at all"? Jesus H. Christ, what planet do you live on? The instance SHOULDN'T be tuned for heroic raiders on normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobleshield View Post
    Being ranked in the top 500 raiding guilds in the West is "nothing amazing at all"? Jesus H. Christ, what planet do you live on? The instance SHOULDN'T be tuned for heroic raiders on normal.
    he was saying it so people would tell him that he is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floopa View Post
    You wiped to Immerseus? That boss can be 15-17 manned on 25 man normal. Don't even need high item level lol.
    Like 3 or so times People weren't healing the adds and shit (as a Prot Pally I talented into freaking Selfless Healer to help out with it), getting hit by Corrosive Blast because we had a healer behind me to heal me or they were too close to my quadrant and got hit by it (and I got the blame??), etc. It was pretty damn pathetic. I had started to stream it just for shits and giggles and like after the first two wipes I was like "This could get ugly, turning off the stream". If you ask me I don't think we were spread out enough, I think some adds were never being touched because nobody was near them.

    I think the first wipe is still saved on my Twitch and I might keep it around for the lulz.
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    First 11 or so seems easy. The last 3 ramps up in difficulty maybe too quickly in my opinion. Would be better if they make the middle 4-5 a tad harder. I'll have to wait till we do it on alts with much lower ilvl gear whether the first 11 bosses are tuned correctly or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerLCD View Post
    They said the difficultly ramps up pretty fast. So expect the late bosses to be somewhat of a challenge. and of course there is heroic.
    As far as I have seen/heard, the bosses do have a good difficulty curve. But I'll be honest, the first ones felt too easy. Norushen should be a nice step up (I wasn't in) and then came sha of pride, which was kind of a numbers fight (obviously easy with gear, but i'd imagine it being quite punishing without 545).
    Galakras is quite punishing as far as I've heard. Iron Juggernaut seems to be the ji-kun. The rest seems fine (besides the dino which was bugged).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Take my judgement with a load of salt please, as i've not tried half the instance yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veehro View Post
    lol at the counterarguments "but there is one boss thats hard". because if 90% of something is easy, but 10% is hard then the whole 100% is dificult amarite?!
    Why couldnt all the bosses be like garosh? why are people so desperate to have it on farm?

    This instance is gonna be out for 1 year probably. If you have it on farm on the second week youre going to have an overall boring time
    Exactly. ToT normal was spot on IMO, apart from the horrible mismatching of boss order with difficulty order...with SoO, nearly every guild with more than 1/13 HC will have this place on farm within 2 weeks, oh hello there FL/DS, nice to see you again. (not)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    Indeed. 545 ilvl... It was aimed (or rather supposed to be aimed) for those in 522 gear, which is massively inferior to 545 (as item budget form ilvl to ilvl grows exponentially)
    Which is exactly the mistake they made with T12/T13 - aim it at the previous tier's normal mode ilvl and many guilds will stomp it in 2 weeks, get bored of the relative brickwall HC bosses and quit...esp. all those who stopped at 12/12 normal or 1/13 HC. Those guilds are supposed to have normals as their progression and flex as the mindless farm. At the very least it should've been 530, ie. normal gear with upgrades. (which is kinda what it was for ToT normal)

    The tuning of ToT created the market that flex was aimed at, the tuning of SoO has just destroyed it.

    Same old Blizz though, always one extreme to the other. (maybe they do it purely to regain subs that were lost during the period in question?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Landin55 View Post
    Yet no one has killed Garrosh? This just proves the hypocrisy of its too easy people.
    One night down, another 1-4 remain this week depending on'll see.
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    With 545 what do you expect? Normal is tuned for about 515 if I remember from PTR.

    Normal isn#t supposed to be difficult anyway that's what hard modes are for.

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    Despite the heaps of flaming bullshit being tossed around, it seems like Blizzard nailed it.

    SoO normal is about as well-tuned as it gets for guilds that just recently killed Lei Shen normal. They'll have some challenge along the way, and a tough last boss (although I'd bet anything Garrosh gets nerfed fairly quickly).

    Well done, Blizz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
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    Normal mode is always easy for geared people. With 2*14 bosses they can tune it so there's some bosses for everybody.

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