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    Nothing via flex last night /sigh. Still need to do LFR (not looking forward to it).

    Doing regular ToT this Friday for DPS gear/runestones. Got 1 of the 6 I need this week from flex, and I get 1 guaranteed from Lei Shen, so hopefully the RNG gods hear my prayers and accept my sacrificial goat so I can get my cloak this weekend.

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    This ID already starts so good... my Ret alt just got two items from Ordos that my Warrior would absolutely need.
    So far my Warrior still hasn't got a thing this patch. Hope that tonight's raid will drop some loot.

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    First week:

    Rage-Build Greathelm
    Tier Shoulders
    Tier Chest
    Tier Gloves
    Ominous Mogu Greatboots
    Galakrond Control Band
    Juggernauts Focusing Crystal
    Ancient Mogu Tower Shield (Warfarged)
    Arcsmasher Bracers

    Also had 2 other shields drop, neither warforged.

    <3 tanking alongside a Guaridan

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    Week 1

    Normal: Tier Shoulders and Legs
    Flex: Nothing

    Week 2

    Normal: Working on HMs
    Flex: Loot from 7/8 boss's but all except tier gloves are downgrades

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    evil eye, ring, tier chest, gloves, bracers

    nothing today cuz tank attendance issues, what a drag

    wish i would have gotten weapon instead of chest lol, but in retrospect suppose its not that bad since 2pc is great

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    2 piece tier
    amp trinket
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    Finally got another 2hr! Warforged too! \o/
    TG here we come.

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    I was quite unlucky with tiers last week but this week started with 2 bis items, wf boots and wf trinky from galakras. Evil eye of galakras increased my dps quite a lot.

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    Y U PEOPLE DO DIS?! *jealous* D:
    I want to raid 25man now. :/ It can be really frustrating raiding 10man, lootwise.
    Especially when you have an DK DPS that basically needs the same gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drianaa View Post
    Y U PEOPLE DO DIS?! *jealous* D:
    I want to raid 25man now. :/ It can be really frustrating raiding 10man, lootwise.
    Especially when you have an DK DPS that basically needs the same gear.
    There actually shouldn't be too much overlap. DK should get 1hrs first, you should get 2hrs first. Trinkets, I think neck and maye rings should overlap, but tier and all offset + boots, bracers I believe are different for you and him.
    Atleast it's been pretty nice in my raid so far. Sadly one of my DKs just came back to the game and is severely under geared. So he picked up H fusion fire over me simply because it was also a single target upgrade, atleast he believes so. D:

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    Well he says that he also needs crit/mastery gear and the same trinkets as frost. Didn't look much into other other classes this patch.
    But atleast my 2hrs are for me. \o/

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    Missed first week of normal (vacations ), but got Bladeforger Necklace from Ordos and Shockstriker Gauntlets from flex raid. Yesterday was raiding normal with guild and got Rook's Unlucky Talisman and chest token - quite happy. But lost roll for warforged Xifeng, Longblade of the Titanic Guardian. :/

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    Drops so far this week:
    evil eye
    dark shaman ring (trying to coin chest)
    and Gar'tok

    no one wanted xifeng so i grabbed it and got gar'tok for pretty much the same reason was trying to wait for xala'toh and let the dks and ret have all the 2hs but since 4 2hs dropped so far i ended up with one now im not really sure if i should go TG (using H-Zerat Offhand) or stay with SMF (using H-TF Skullsplitter).

    I guess i got some dummy testing to do. Since ill be out the rest of the week unless they dont kill garrosh. >

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    Gah, got so much loot tonight but all of it has shit itemization pretty much. I'm kinda torn here about whether the ilvl increase would outweigh the loss of crit:

    Gloves: HC Corruption-Rotted Gauntlets 0/2 vs. HC Rein-Binder's Fists 2/2 vs. HC T15 2/2
    Shoulder: HC Shoulderguards of Centripetal Destruction 2/2 vs. WF Darkfallen Shoulderplates 0/2 vs. HC T15 2/2
    Legs: HC T15 2/2 vs. HC Legplates of the Lightning Throne 2/2 vs. Legplates of Unthinking Strife 0/2
    Weapons: HC TF Zerat 2/2 + HC Zerat 2/2 vs. Malkorok's Skullcleaver 2/2 + HC Worldbreaker's 2/2 vs. HC TF Worldbreaker's 0/2 vs. Haromm's Frozen Crescent 0/2 (tank wep)
    Trinkets: Fusion 2/2 vs. HC TF Gaze 2/2 vs. HC primordius 2/2 vs. HC Feather 2/2

    What am I gonna do with all this, and what should I use and upgrade first ;_;

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    Week 2:
    H-WF Fusion Fire Core (Trinket is sick on Galkras)
    H-WF Evil Eye of Galakras
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    salt water sandals(n)and that's all : /

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    First week:
    Tier legs, Ashen Wall Girdle (warforged)

    2nd week:
    Tier head, Crit/Mast bracers, Thok's tail tip.
    Passed the 2h from Sha (damn our ret palas DPS exploded)

    Kinda passing a lot of stuff due to 2 Dps Wars, 2 DPS DKs and 2 Ret Palas. Also passed tier gloves, shoulders (don't want them anyway) and Chest.

    Still got Garrosh to go, gief Heirloom or Xal'atoh!

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    last week:
    Feet - Treads of Unchained Hate (on coin)
    Wrist - Bracers of Sordid Sleep
    Gloves - Shockstriker Gauntlets
    Chest - Earthbreaker's Steaming Chestplate
    Ring - Ring of the Iron Tomb (normal)

    this week (so far):
    weapon - Encapsulated Essence of Immerseus
    ring - Galakrond Control Band
    trinket - Juggernaut's Focusing Crystal
    ring -Ring of the Iron Tomb (warforged)
    shield - Ancient Mogu Tower Shield (warforged)(eventhough id like the one from sha of pride, had so low dkp i might aswell take it XD)

    never in the history of wow have i been so lucky with drops. helps aswell that the dk tank in our raid wont go near parry/dodge pieces :P

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    6 Warforged Seals on weapon bosses, 6 gold rolls Managed to pick up 2 piece though, talk about crazy rage generation as Arms.

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    I've done 4 bosses LFR and 12 bosses flex (4 last week, 8 this week) and used 6 coins. got these

    Corruption Rotted Gauntlets (immerseus) - LFR + Flex versions... sigh.
    T16 chest - LFR mode
    T16 Legs (Normal) from Celestials
    Turtleshell Greatcloak (Flex) - from the gold bag.

    I spent 4 coins trying to get a weapon (using a 502) but no luck. Still, my gear has taken a massive jump as I haven't really played since last year, prior to this patch. Compared to others it is a pretty pathetic ammount of loot, but I've always been screwed over by loot. When I was raiding at the start of the expansion I was probably the only person raiding heroic modes still using a blue weapon.
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